News — August 9, 2018

Spotlight article: VBS

Spotlight article: VBS

You use the VBS every single day, and you probably don’t know the positive impact it has to you and the entire port community. It not only helps you plan your day, it also helps the terminal plan where to put that box when you arrive, plus a lot more!

With Australia importing and exporting over 8 Million TEU per year, the number of messages that 1-Stop send between whole community is reaching over 170 Million! we are constantly looking to improve the functionality and user experience, 1-Stop continually reinvests into all of our products to ensure the products you use every day are improved for seamless operations.

Here are some upcoming updates that will make using the VBS even better:

Australia: Use the new container list.

Upload your import containers and VBS will validate and pull the container details if available. From there you can match PINs to all your containers in your contact list. This will help remove any unnecessary data entry for PINs. See examples below.

Global: Updating the VBS Screen in 2019! updates include mobile friendly booking and manifesting,  Stay tuned!

As always we love your feedback! 

We want you to help us improve the usability and look of the VBS screens. There will be many sessions, either face to face or over the phone.

Send your interest to: