Security Cards (MSIC)

Maritime Security Identification Card


Secure Australia’s best value for your security card

Our MSIC is simply the best value for money. The combined MSIC and terminal access card includes:

  • Access to Australia’s container terminals
  • FREE complying photo & on-the-spot ID verification at Australia Post
  • Flexible pricing options for new cards and renewals

Compare the costs

Provider Terminal Access Photo Included 2 Year and Access Card
Other Provider No No From $360 + $17 for photo
1-Stop Yes Yes $295 (plus GST)

Induction and training included

1-Stop provides both general and site specific MSIC online learning and inductions required to access maritime security zones. Container terminals covered include:

  • Patrick
  • DP World
  • AAT
  • VICT
  • Hutchison Ports Australia

Register your company today

Company Registration

MSIC & Access
This gives you both MSIC and access to facilities.
2 years - $295 plus GST
4 years - $485 plus GST
Access only
Already have a MSIC but need access to facilities, then apply here.
$125 plus GST
Just need MSIC but not access to facilities, then apply here.
2 years - $244 plus GST
4 years - $405 plus GST


Your questions answered.
Access to terminals Where can I use my Access Card?

1-Stop’s Access Card and the combined MSIC & Access Card grants you swipe access to these container terminals:

  • DP World (DPW)
  • Patrick (PAT)
  • Hutchison Ports Australia (HPA)
  • Australian Amalgamated Terminals (AAT)

You just need to purchase our combined MSIC & Access Card or just the Access Card if you have an MSIC from elsewhere. Make sure you select the terminal you need to visit, and complete the online induction and test for that terminal.

Access to terminals What do I need to do if I’ve already got an MSIC from 1-Stop and now need access to another terminal?

You just have to complete that terminal’s Induction Course.

  • Log into MSIC and then go to the Inductions page.
  • Click on ‘Add site inductions’ link.
  • Select the sites you require access to.

NOTE: If you are unable to find the site you’re looking for, it is likely that the induction course and test is not available for the site. Contact the site’s office if you’re unsure how to proceed to access that site.

Once the site has been added you can ‘Start’ the course and proceed with the test after completing the course. Only after you complete the test can you visit that terminal.

Apply Will I be able to apply for an MSIC if I currently live overseas?

Yes, however the following conditions apply:

  • You must have an operational need for an MSIC
  • You must currently be overseas
  • You must use an Australian Government Agency overseas to have your ID checked
  • Once you have completed your MSIC application, take the application to the Australian Government Agency to verify it and your ID. The agency will place their wet stamp on your documents. Then just mail your application and stamped documents to 1-Stop for processing.

Our mailing address can be found on our Contact page.

NOTE: You will be required to provide an Australian postal address and collect your card from an Aust/Post Outlet

Apply How do I register my company for Maritime Security Identification Cards (MSICs)?

It’s easy.

Just go to MSIC and go to the Company Registration section. Click on “Click here to find out more” and follow the steps.

We’ll receive your registration and will respond within 24 hours either via email with your username and password, and instructions on how to apply for MSICs for your employees. Once you have your logon info and instructions, you can then organise cards for employees.

Aust Post integration Where can I lodge my MSIC application?

A select number of Aust Post outlets will take your photo for you for FREE.

This means a faster, easier process for you. To see which outlets are participating, go online and complete your MSIC application. When you get to the end, you’ll need to nominate a post office. Then you will see which outlets will take your photo for free.

General What happens if I've cancelled my card but then realise I need it?

Once an MSIC is cancelled, that is final.

So if you now need an MSIC, you must apply for a brand new one. That is, you must start the process all over again. Go to MSIC to apply.

General What should I do if I’ve lost my MSIC?

You will need a replacement MSIC.

Follow these instructions to get a replacement card:

  • Log into MSIC
  • Click the “Replace lost, stolen or damaged card” link
  • Log in and follow the prompts

Note: Visit the Pricing page for the cost of replacing your MSIC.

General How much does it cost?

Please see table above for cost of MSIC, MSIC and Access or Access only

General How soon can I get my MSIC?

After the Aust Post integration on the 7th Oct, 2014, MSIC application processing time is slashed by a third.

Please note: due to AusCheck processing changes, there are slight delay’s in the Australian Government approving MSIC’s.

General What do I do with my previous card once it expires?

When your MSIC card expires, if applicants are:

  1. Completing a renewal application: they need to hang on to their expired MSIC card, as when applicants go to collect their new MSIC card, they need to hand over the old card.
  2. Not renewing:  they need to mail their expired card back to us. The mailing address is found on the back of the card – Po Box 3201, Redfern, NSW, 2016 Australia