Train Consist


Keep rail freight moving with pre-advice to terminals

OneStop’s Train Consist delivers an efficient way for rail operators to communicate with terminals about upcoming train arrivals. Rail operators use Train Consist to inform details for the inbound train to the receiving terminals. These communications provide them with details of the train and its configuration, the containers on the train, and container details such as the container numbers and weights. It is a mandatory requirement many terminals will not handle trains if a Train Consist hasn’t been submitted before the train’s arrival.

OneStop’s Train Consist is an online web portal that enables users to communicate details of the train ahead of time, allowing cargo to be unloaded more efficiently and keeping export containers moving.


Create & submit a Train Consist

The system makes it easy to enter the required information:

■  Train number, owner, operator, stations, departure and arrival times.

  Wagon details, configuration and container numbers

  We check the PRA status for every container, so you avoid any other potential issues or export containers from being rejected at the terminal and any costs associated with that futile trip before the train arrives at the terminal.

Website, CSV or EDI Messaging

Deliver notifications directly through the web interface or transmit a CSV or EDI message to OneStop that we will receive, translate and send to the receiving terminal.


Easier management with advanced search features

With productivity in mind, OneStop’s Train Consist speeds up the notification process with:

  Search functionality – View Train Consists that has been sent, pending approval, drafts, or archived records.

  Copy a previous Train Consist – save time by updating information on previously sent or drafted Train Consists.


Plans and Pricing

Communicate essential train details with terminals ahead of time by creating and submitting Train Consists via an online web portal.

Price excludes GST. 

OneStop Train Consist prices are charged on a per annum basis.

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Your questions answered.
General What Terminals does OneStop support for Train Consist?

All Patrick or DP World terminals that handle trains.

General Can I receive a Train Consist for trains departing a Terminal?

We recommend reaching out to the Terminal directly as this is discretionary on a per Terminal basis.

General I prefer to send the Train Consist electronically and not via your web screens, can this be done?

OneStop also provides alternate connectivity. Please reach out to our sales team ( to discuss the technical specifications required to do so.