Train Consist (Rail)


Keep rail freight moving with pre-advice to terminals

Train Consist provides an efficient way for rail operators to advise terminals of the impending arrival of a train. With PRAs already submitted, electronic or web screen notification of train arrivals means cargo can be unloaded more efficiently, keeping export containers moving.

Details provided through Train Consist can include train and wagon configuration as well as container numbers.


Create and submit a Train Consist

The system makes it easy to enter required details:

  • Train number, owner, operator, stations, departure and arrival times.
  • Wagon details, configuration and container numbers
  • We will check the PRA status for every container, so you will know about any potential issue before the train arrives at the terminal.

Website, CSV or EDI Messaging

Deliver notifications directly through the website or transmit a CSV or EDI message to 1-Stop that we will translate and pass on to the terminal.

Easier management with advanced search features

With productivity in mind, Train Consist speeds up the notification process with:

  • Search functionality – View Train Consists that have been sent, pending approval, drafts or archived.
  • Copy a previous Train Consist – save time by updating information on previously sent or drafted Train Consists.
Unlimited trains per week

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