OneStop Modal


Manage your workload from one interconnected solution

Our latest product innovation has been developed in close collaboration with Container Parks, Shipping Lines and Carriers. This cloud-based solution integrates with other OneStop products, managing bookings through OneStop VBS and messaging through our CargoConnect platform, creating a faster and simpler setup of messaging to Shipping Lines.


What is OneStop Modal?

The OneStop Modal product has been developed to provide an automated and optimised solution for managing Container Parks and Facilities. It brings the automation of key depot processes and workflows, eliminating paperwork and minimising manual data entry. Container management is optimised with real-time stock level views that provide insights to plan resources when and where they’re needed and minimise traffic congestion. OneStop Modal facilitates the flow of time-critical information to keep your business moving.


What are the benefits of OneStop Modal?

OneStop Modal reduces costs by optimising the management of resources and workflows with a wide range of features and benefits.

  Automated truck arrivals and departures to reduce time taken and congestion at the gate

  Real time stock management to optimise planning and tracking

  Rail management

  Optimise workflows for container maintenance and repair that reduces time during survey and estimation

  Full CEDEX reporting to support surveyor workflows

  Simplified billing system, that is fully configurable and reduces the time for weekly and monthly invoicing procedures

  Integrated EDI processing, streamlining the communication process with Shipping Line customers

  CODECO, COPARN compliant

  Reporting capabilities configured to your needs, providing insights and key reporting to your business

  Mobile responsive interface for surveyor and fork-lift driver OneStop Modal applications, supporting their operational needs.

Operational enhancements for Forklift Drivers

As part of OneStop Modal, a mobile app is provided for forklift drivers to service the gate-in/gate-out workflows in order to track and manage the movement of containers within a facility. The app will assist forklift drivers to easily track and view inventory, reducing the need for them to communicate through radio or phone. The app allows forklift drivers to trigger messages directly to the Shipping Line customers via the app and to process gate-in/gate-out requests, providing them with an added layer of flexibility and a more efficient workflow.

Optimisation for estimations & survey process

A mobile app for surveyors is available as part of the OneStop Modal. Surveyors can use the app to create estimations when they survey the containers for maintenance and repair.  OneStop Modal Integrates with the Shipping Line M&R module for a container park to submit estimate quotations and obtain approval by EDI messaging. Surveyors can use the mobile app to photograph the damage to the containers for estimates. Completed repairs can also be managed via the surveyor app. The app streamlines the process and is fully integrated with the M&R workflows in OneStop Modal.

Visibility and control for Shipping Lines

With real-time sharing of live container stats and other data, Shipping Lines can gain an advantage in tracking and managing container stocks. With greater visibility, stock levels can be better managed against customer demand, minimising container movements and reducing storage costs.




Driving efficiency & value for carriers

Full integration with our popular OneStop VBS means OneStopModal consolidates all container and booking details in one, easy-to-use interface. Tracking of containers is optimised, facilitating better planning for truck networks, and helping to reduce both slot costs and congestion at terminals. With an accurate overview of container locations, fleet movements can be better managed, meaning fewer futile trips, less idle time, and enhanced service to customers.



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