Shipping Line Booking Validation


Save time and costs by eliminating documentation errors

Let OneStop check your paperwork so you can focus on your customers. Through this product, shipping lines provide OneStop with booking list details that we then use to validate or reject PRAs sent by exporters


Ensuring an accurate match between PRAs and booking lists

We can check and validate:

■  Booking Reference number

■  Lloyds number

■  Voyage number

■  Shipping line

■  Port of loading

■  Port of discharge

■  Number of containers in the booking

■  ISO Code

■  Full/empty container indicator.

Benefits for shipping lines

We’ll look after the finer details so your team can focus on the bigger picture.

■  Reduce staff time chasing errors in documentation

■  Reduce any re-stow possibilities

■  Reduce potential claims

■  Reduce overbooking scenarios

■  Reduce costs overall and free up staff time.



Make sure that 100% of Pre-Receival Advices (PRAs) are matched against the booking list you send us.

Pricing is by negotiation based on container volumes, please contact our sales team via to enquire today.

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Your questions answered.
Booking List How frequently do booking lists get sent to OneStop?

Shipping lines have the option to choose how frequently the booking lists are sent to OneStop.

Some shipping lines send through updated booking lists once a new booking is created or amended.

Booking List How do I send the Booking List?

You can send the Booking List straight from your system to ours, in either CSV or EDIFACT format.

For more information, contact us ( to gain access to the Technical Specifications.