Rail Tagging & Release


The easy solution for tagging containers for rail

This free service from OneStop allows industry operators to notify terminals when containers are to be moved by rail.

As all import containers discharged from a vessel default to ‘road’ as the next mode of transport, our Tag & Release service provides an efficient solution for Shipping Lines, Intermodal Rail Terminals, Freight Forwarders, and Importers to correct these containers to the rail stack.


Processing Stage 1: Rail Release – Container Tagging

Before vessel discharge, approved users can search and ‘tag’ their containers for rail with details including departure Terminal, destination, and Rail Terminal. This tag tells the Terminals to move the tagged containers to the Rail Stack upon discharge.

Containers can be tagged by an Importer, Agent, Freight Forwarder, Intermodal Terminal, or Rail Operator approved to use this service, provided that the container has not already been tagged by another user. Shipping Lines are able to tag their own containers.

Processing Stage 2: Rail Release – Container Release

Before tagged containers are released, they must be matched with the commercial release number, an Electronic Import Delivery Order (EIDO), and a Personal Identification Number (PIN) for that container. Simply search for a tagged container, by entering and validating the EIDO PIN and submit to the Terminal.

Only the following user groups will be granted access to the rail release service:

■  Intermodal Rail Terminals

■  Importers, Freight Forwarders, or Agents.

Shipping Lines may only release their own containers.



Rail Tagging & Release is a FREE service for Importers, Agents, Freight Forwarders, Intermodal Terminals, or Rail Operators.

To gain access call 1300 881 055 or email helpdesk@1-stop.com

Terminal or Shipping Line approval must be given before access is granted to use this product.

Before contacting OneStop, please prepare the following details:

  Industry type

■  Company name and ABN

■  Employee name and contact details

■  For shipping Lines – Approval from the Terminal/s is required to grant access (email approval is sufficient).

■  For Non-Shipping Lines – Approval from the Shipping Line is required in order to grant access. We recommend you also check whether approval has been provided to OneStop in order to be granted access.



Your questions answered.
Rail Release How do I send Rail Release message?

Rail Tagging and Release can be sent using OneStop’s Website or using the two message formats available in OneStop.

If you want to find out how to send Rail Tagging and Release messages from your own systems, please contact our sales team (sales@1-stop.biz) for more information and to gain access to the technical specifications.

Rail Release What are the message types or ways I can send a Rail Tag & Release?

We accept two types of message formats: XML and EDIFACT.

Transport Operators can learn more about them, and how you can send messages from your system to ours, by contacting our sales team (sales@1-stop.biz) for more information and to gain access to the technical specifications.

Rail Release What is a Control Message?

OneStop has included the functionality of a control message for Rail Tagging and Release.

The control message serves as an acknowledgement for the sender of the message, and the acknowledgement may either be a REJECTED or ACKNOWLEDGED status.

With this, the sender will be informed if their message is being processed or needs to be resent to OneStop.

Rail Release Is the control message different from the Rail Release response?

Yes, aside from the control message OneStop will also be sending a Rail Release response message to the sender or the nominated email address on the message.

The Rail Release response message indicates whether the Tag or the Release message has been processed or accepted by the terminal.

Please refer to the message specifications for the error codes and their descriptions.