Software Notes

Check in here to stay updated on our latest bug-fixes and software upgrades.

/ April 16, 2019

Patrick Port Botany: 4 May

We will be carrying out a Software Upgrade on the 4 May from 11:00pm until 3am (AEST) on the 5 May.

During this time, you will not be able to access the Patrick Port Botany VBS portal to create, edit or cancel bookings. Carriers with a VBS booking during this time will be valid and serviced by the terminal.
It’s advised that any bookings and manifests for stack-runs during this time should be made in advance before the VBS outage at 11pm.
We thank you for your patience during the upgrade.

/ April 16, 2019

DP World Melbourne: 4 May

We will be carrying out a Software Upgrade on the 4 May from 10:00pm until 2am (AEST) on the 5 May.

During this time, you will not be able to access the DP World Melbourne VBS portal to create, edit or cancel bookings. Carriers with a VBS booking during this time will be valid and serviced by the terminal.
It’s advised that any bookings and manifests for stack-runs during this time should be made in advance before the VBS outage at 10pm.
We thank you for your patience during the upgrade.

/ November 23, 2018

Our Latest Software Release

Our latest software release:

Our latest 18R5  1-Stop VBS Release 

In this upgrade the following new features are available to the below terminals:

  • Non-manifest terminals can assign a driver to a booking via booking details page
  • Truck and driver information will be editable until the truck arrives in the facility (for non-manifesting terminals and container parks that choose to use this functionality)
  • Drivers can now be added using their drivers’ licence (for non-Australian terminals and terminals that have drivers using non 1-Stop MSIC cards)
  • Updated container list view (Australian Terminals only who don’t currently use Advanced Bookings)

There is a chance users will experience a slight delay while creating a booking and while manifesting. You may notice a slight delay to the stack run status during the upgrade period.

If you experience any delays, please log-out and log back in again. In some cases users may see some exception errors during the release.

Dates and times are below. Please note: all times are in local time.

  • DP Port Botany – 5.00 pm
  • Patrick East Swanson – 6.00 pm
  • Patrick Port Botany – 7.00 pm
  • Patrick CargoLink  – 8.00 pm


18R6 Our latest MSIC software release 

Software upgrade in this release includes:

  • Applicants will no longer be able to enter their personal email address in the employers email address field
  • Ability to include a statutory declaration in the card reprint screen
  • Additional space to enter operational need information

Scheduled for:

  • 12 December, 2pm – 3:30pm (AEDT), users will not be able to log in during this time.

For any additional questions please call the Helpdesk on 1300 881 055.

/ November 5, 2018

1-Stop Modal: 18R7 Release

Please note: next Monday, 12 November, we will be conducting Software upgrades for our 1-Stop Modal Platform

The upgrade will occur from 8pm – 11pm (Syd time)

Carriers will not be able to make bookings into Cargolink Parks for empty containers.

If you have any further questions, please not hesitate to contact the HelpDesk.

VBS / October 8, 2018

Lyttelton Software Upgrade

1-Stop will be conducting a scheduled software upgrade on the 17 and 20 October,  affecting only Lyttelton users.

17 October from 6:00pm to 6:30 PM (NZ time). 1-Stop VBS will be undergoing a system upgrade. Users may face temporary disruption while using the VBS. If this occurs please log out and back in again. For any questions please contact the helpdesk on 1300 881 055.

20 October from 1:00pm to 4:00 pm (NZ time). 1-Stop VBS will be undergoing a system upgrade. Users will not be able to make bookings or log in during this time. For any questions please contact the Helpdesk on 1300 881 055

General / September 10, 2018

Our Latest Software Release

1-Stop will be having a scheduled systems upgrade on 15 September and 6 of October. 

15 September and 6 October

Time: beginning at 10:00pm and finishing at 11:00pm EAST (GMT+ 10)

Products affected:

VBS: Users will not be able to manifest. Please manifest prior to scheduled upgrade to gain entry into the terminal.

ComPay: Users will not be able to access ComPay website.

MSIC: Users will not be able to access MSIC services.

Terminals affected

DP World, VICT and Patrick:  Users will not be able to manifest during this time.

Napier and Auckland: Users will not be able to log in during this time.


18R5.0 Our Latest Software Release – MSIC updates

The latest software upgrade will be occurring on the 27th of September between 2:00pm and 3:00pm. To Comply with AusCheck system upgrades, 1-Stop will be updating the application process for MSIC.

  • All major Australian proof of identification documents will be electronically verified by AusCheck’s use of Document Verification System (DVS).
  • As such, additional document details will be required for Australian IDs please see FAQ’s on MSIC 
  • Work rights checks for visas will be automatically verified.

AusCheck will not be accepting any applications from MSIC suppliers from the 28th of September to the 1st of October. For this reason users may experience a delay in card processing, we suggest renewing or lodging applications before the 26th of September.


On October 1st 2018, the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) was amended.

Every party  in the heavy vehicle transport supply chain has a positive duty to ensure the safety of their transport activities. Due to this change, Patrick Terminals require their clients to acknowledge and accept that they’ve complied with COR Compliance conditions required by the Terminal. Hence, VBS manifesting process was altered to include acceptance of compliance prior to completion of a manifest.

Carriers will be prompted to read and acknowledge COR Compliance conditions prior to completing manifesting.

Carriers who do not acknowledge COR compliance conditions will not be allowed to complete manifest. The same process is applied when a carrier edits their manifest. When editing a manifest, carriers must read and accept the compliance before saving any changes.
In addition, Manifest Audit log will now contain all compliance acceptances by carriers.

Times include: 

Patrick Fisherman’s Island: 4:30 – 4:45Pm

Patrick Fremantle 5:30 – 5:45pm  Perth Time

Patrick East Swanson: 6:30 – 6:45pm

Patrick Port Botany: 7:30 – 7:45pm


CCD Release 18R3.0

When a CCD user accesses the Self Service portal from “My Account”, they’re able to select in “My Preferences” and choose a different language.

MSIC / August 7, 2018

18R4 Our Latest Software Release

Our latest MSIC and Compay software release

18R4 covers four new enhancements for MSIC, Compay and VBS

The software update will occur on the 21st of August at 2:00pm (Sydney time) and will be unavailable for 45 minutes.

  • Discretionary approvals can now be issued for the full term of a card; The period of issue for a discretionary approval will start from AusCheck’s Decision Date up to the full term allowed for a card
  • Changes to the frequency and timing of renewal reminders: Renewal reminders for all card types will now be sent to the card holder 90 days before the card’s expiry
  • Deletion of MSIC records to comply with the regulations: compliance with section 6.08U of the Maritime Transport and Offshore Facilities Security Regulations

The enhancements also include the integration between MSIC and Compay;

The software update for Compay will occur on the 8th of August at 7:30pm (Sydney time), and will be unavailable for 45 minutes.

An MSIC replacement that is paid for using ComPay, will now be updated in the MSIC system with the payment details and will set the payment status to paid. Any replacement reminder emails will have a direct link to ComPay with all the default details pre-filled.

VBS / July 11, 2018

1-Stop Modal release 18R4.6

1-Stop Modal release 18R4.6

In release 18R4.6, we have made updates to the sign in function and the display screen, providing a better user experience.

The updates will occur on Tuesday the 17th of July 2018 from 7pm to 9pm. During this time carriers will not be able to make bookings, carriers will see an ‘under maintenance page’ during the update.

Updates as follows:

Single sign in: Once users have logged into VBS they will not be asked to enter their credentials again when they go into the VBS portal.

New Theme for VBS portal (Container Park Booking Page)

To keep consistency with the 1-Stop brand, the colour and theme of the screen has been updated.

VBS / July 5, 2018

PRA verification FAQ’s

The PRA verification date will be validated from the 7th August at 2:00pm.

Please see below the FAQ’s;

What does UTC stand for?

Universal Time Coordinated  – it is based on Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and not local time:

What is the correct UTC? 

The verification date and time will have to be a conversion from local time to UTC.

What if you are using TABS

If you are using TABS, please  ignore this email

If you use 1-Stop to submit PRA’s

The audience for the email was for 3rd party suppliers or companies submitting PRA’s using EDI (EDIFACT, XML or CSV) messaging. If you use our website then you can ignore the email.

Why is verification of the PRA required?

Currently when we receive  incorrect format’s for the VGM verification date in the PRA, it causes the Verified Gross Weight Message (VGM) to fail in the Shipping Line’s system. To ensure the message doesn’t fail, the date format needs to be verified to ensure a smooth process for all.

What date format will be accepted?

Only ONE format will be accepted.

The date and the time (up to the minute) provided and a ‘UTC’ wording as the suffix.

In short, the VGM verification date in the format of ‘YYYYMMDDHHMMUTC’.

What is the impact if an incorrect VGM Verification date is provided?

If you enter the wrong date format, your PRA will be REJECTED.

  • You will receive error code ERA0901 – Invalid VGM date format supplied – should be ‘YYYYMMDDHHMMUTC’.

If I receive the error, how do I fix it?

Change the VGM verification date to the correct format and re-submit the PRA.

MSIC / June 4, 2018

Our latest software release: 18R3

Our latest MSIC software release: 18R3

MSIC regulations were recently updated and AusCheck has aligned its web services to the regulations. We have now updated the MSIC system and processes to match the changes specifically for the following web services:

  • Application Lodgement Service
  • Diagnostic Service
  • Security Card Validation Service

Updated the card return process:  Card holders are now required to submit a statutory declaration online for all replacement requests. For renewals, the applicant should have a statutory declaration if the existing card is lost or stolen. All the notifications related to replacements and renewals have been updated to suit.

Auto -cancellation of replacement requests:  Any cards reported to us as lost, stolen, or change of name shall be reported to the Department of Home Affairs and cancelled within 7 days of being reported. Reminders will be sent (if required).

Foreign passports are now accepted as Category B proof of ID:  MSIC applicants can now select Foreign Passport as a Category B document when providing Proof of ID.

Our latest VBS software release:18R3

VBS is moving towards an incremental revamp to enhance the user experience. This includes;

  • a re-design of the VBS login and landing page
  • mobile friendly theme
  • a new manifest button has been added to the booking summary screen and
  • ‘book search screen’ access through ‘book menu’ and in ‘edit search view’ are now consistent

These changes will create a simple and clean login page, where users will have a better user experience.

Planned downtime will occur on the 13th of June 2018:

  • Port of Auckland: 05:00pm for 15 minutes
  • Port of Napier: 04:30 for 15 minutes.