News — February 11, 2020

APM Terminals Callao will implement pilot appointment system to reduce truck congestion

APM Terminals Callao, in the North Multipurpose Terminal of the Port Terminal of Callao, in Peru, will initiate a Pilot Plan using the “1-Stop VBS” Booking System, on February 18th, to improve traffic and speed up the flow of trucks entering and leaving the facility.

The Pilot of the Booking System, which will be implemented by APM Terminals Callao, which will allow greater coordination of the truck’s flow accessing the terminal, in order to optimize queue times and operational efficiency in the port area.

The new appointment system that will be launched in the coming days, is promoted by the National Port Authority (APN), an entity dependent on the Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MTC), in coordination with the concessionary company, which adds to a series of initiatives that have been carried out by the transport sector, such as the rearrangement of traffic in the main streets leading to the Port.

The process of modernization and growth that the Callao Port Terminal has been reaching, makes it necessary to implement these types of strategies to guarantee the competitiveness and continuous development of foreign trade in the port of Callao, considered one of the most important ports of The West Coast of South America.
Source: National Port Authority of Peru