News — April 29, 2019

Maersk and Hamburg Sud reducing the number of container re-directions by using 1-Stop Container Control

1-Stop Connections is pleased to announce that Maersk and Hamburg Sud will further utilise 1-Stop Container Control from 1st May.

Container Control is an online service that allows transport companies to:

  • Reuse (Triangulate) – Maersk and Hamburg Sud nominate containers available for reuse in advance. Container Control will provide an instant confirmation to help plan, transport and handle while transport companies can manage labour resources in advance.
  • Stage (Virtual Container Park) – Hold and store empty containers for future export use. Containers can be held at a mutual site or at Transport Companies depots. With the help of Container Control, Transport Companies can utilise both import and export free detention periods.
  • Redirect Containers – An easy way to ensure containers are where they need to be. Import Containers can be returned to a different depot than specified. With Container Control being a 100% online service, containers will be able to be searched for with delivery details indicated in the online platform, saving time and money with reduced futile trips.

Maersk and Hamburg Sud collaborated to ensure Container Control is the best product for making import containers available for immediate reuse. A range of cost savings, productivity and efficiency benefits will be felt to the Shipping Lines plus with reduced transport legs and savings to the environment Transport Companies will notice the cost savings to their operations.

Freight Forwarders, Importers and Exporters will also gain benefits from Maersk and Hamburg Sud utilising Container Control, with containers and goods being made available faster, with improved data around where containers are and peace of mind with containers being turned around for re-use in a more efficient matter.

Transport Operators can gain access to Container Control by signing up via the website.

For further information on the cost of Container Control, how shipping lines can benefit or any other information please visit our website or contact us at 1300 881 055.