Container Control


Maximise container use, minimise handling and transport

For smarter container handling and transport planning, 1-Stop Container Control puts you in control. This online service lets you Reuse (Triangulate), Stage (VCP) and Redirect containers, reducing time and costs in admin and planning, transport and handling.
By cutting out multiple transport legs and making import containers available for immediate reuse, a range of cost savings and productivity benefits are delivered for importers and exporters, freight forwarders, intermodals, road carriers and shipping lines.


Reuse (Triangulate) – keep your containers working

Shipping lines nominate containers available for reuse in advance. Our service provides instant confirmation to help you plan transport and handling, and better manage labour resources.

  • Reuse empty import containers for existing export bookings
  • Search for your containers and allocate a booking reference
  • Save time and eliminate multiple transport legs.

Staging (Virtual Container Park) – easier planning for future use

Hold and store empty containers for future export use.

  • Containers can be held at a mutual site or your premises
  • Utilise both import and export free detention period

Redirect – easier container management

An easier way to ensure your empty containers are where you want them to be.

  • Return import containers to a different depot than already specified
  • Instant search for your containers and easy selection of delivery instructions
  • Save time and transport costs.


Your questions answered.
General Which shipping lines are onboard?

Hamburg Sud, Maersk, Cosco and PIL are actively using Container Control.

We are in conversations with the following lines: MSC, Hapag, PAE, NYK, and APL with an aim to bring them on board this year. We will start discussions with other shipping lines soon and will keep you updated on the progress.

General What is Container Control?

1-Stop’s Container Control allows shipping lines and road carriers (and any other party) to reduce the costs of handling containers through the following features:

  • Triangulation – reuse empty import containers for existing export bookings
  • Virtual Container Park (VCP) – also known as “staging”, you can request to hold on to MT import containers and store them for future exports
  • Redirection – you can request to return MT import containers to a different depot than already specified
General How does Container Control work?

First, shipping lines must nominate the container(s) for Triangulation or Redirection or both.

Then follow these simple steps.

3 Steps to Triangulation:

  1. Log in and search for the container(s)
  2. Allocate a booking reference to it
  3. Accept the terms and conditions and hit Submit.

2 Steps to Redirect:

  1.  Log in and search for the container(s)
  2. Select where you want it to be redirected to and hit Submit.
Getting Started How do I get access to Container Control?

Registering for Container Control is quick and easy, just follow the below instructions:

  1. If you are an existing customer of 1-Stop, you can log into your account and add the Container Control service. Simply login to the 1-Stop website, click on “My Account”, then “Add a service” and follow the prompts. We will then be in touch once we have activated the service for you. Note: if you have the VBS, you have already been given access. Simply login to the 1-Stop website, click “Launch” then “Container Control” and you’re in!
  2. If you are completely new to 1-Stop, please contact
General How much does Container Control cost?

It is $12 + GST to use Container Control per container.