News — December 6, 2019

Celebrating 1-Stop’s biggest asset – our team

This month, at the monthly 1-Stop Town Hall session we celebrated a rare milestone for technology companies – TWO of our team members completing 10 years of service.

Mary-Anne Payn and Tony Latella have played pivotal roles in the business, making exceptional contributions above and beyond the roles they were hired to play.

Mary-Anne Payn

Mary-Anne joined 1-Stop in 2009. Already a veteran in the shipping sector, she brought a wealth of experience and commitment that would shape our finance division, and how the office itself was managed.

Over the last 10 years, she has managed the billing function for the finance department and has redefined the role of Office Management. She has not only been the friendly face at the reception, but the “go-to person” for ALL office emergencies and administrative essentials. To say she has been the backbone of the office is an understatement.

Mary-Anne has been instrumental in shaping 1-Stop’s culture. From supporting our recent office move to organising monthly cake days and keeping our Finance Manager in check, she has “touched” the life of the team every single day.

Given she ensures the 1-Stop office runs smoothly, daily, Mary-Anne is one of the true unsung heroes of our business.

Tony Latella

Fun fact: Tony was Employee Number Two at 1-Stop!

Tony joined Patrick Terminals as a contract Project Manager in 2002 leveraging his expertise in shipping and logistics to breathe life into a new, revolutionary idea. An idea that would eventually become 1-Stop Connections.

As the second person to join the team, he played a pivotal role in all things 1-Stop. He managed the high-level design and specifications for projects, including the original 1-Stop website and many 1-Stop products that have helped streamline operations and decision-making for the Port Community.

Products such as the 1-Stop Gateway and messaging engine, Vessel and container visibility, Alert System (ComTrac), Pre- Receival Advice System, Train Consist and Dangerous Good Tracking owe their fruition to Tony.

In 2004/2005, Tony was influential in establishing the specifications for the company’s flagship product, the 1-Stop Vehicle Booking System (VBS). Since then, he has overlooked almost all implementations of the product for our customers.

Over the years, Tony has been one of 1-Stop’s biggest champions, supporting us through memorable “firsts”, including

  • signing our first customer,
  • first VBS booking,
  • first ComPay payment,
  • first electronic PRA, and
  • first Alert sent via the systems.

In 2009, Tony hung up his “contractor” hat and joined 1-Stop as a permanent employee.

These successes coupled with the impact on the port community have driven Tony to keep challenging the status quo and improving our business and the industry.


“In an industry where long careers with one company are rare, and women even rarer, we are really proud to buck these trends with amazing team members like Mary-Anne and Tony” – Lauren Ratcliffe, Human Resources Manager


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