Payment and Refund Policy 

1.  Notification and enquiries

All notifications, cancellations and refund enquiries must be made in writing, email to


2.  Claims for non-receipt of services

1-Stop will not be liable for any claims of non-receipt of services that was a result of an incorrect email address and/or mobile phone number provided by the customer to 1-Stop. The customer is responsible for providing the correct/working email address and/or mobile phone numbers.


3.  Disputed charges

If incorrectly charged, by Direct Debit or Credit Card, you agree to immediately notify 1-Stop as soon as practical that you become aware of the incorrect charge. 


4.  Fraudulent credit card charges or fraudulent claims

All requests to negate charges are investigated by our technical department and legal advisors. If you make a fraudulent claim for unauthorized card usage, we will report this to your card issuer and the police.


5.  Available funds, Authorisation to draw funds and change of payment method

(a) It is your responsibility to ensure that sufficient funds are available in the nominated account to meet a drawing on its due date.

(b) It is your responsibility to ensure that the authorisation given to draw on the nominated account is identical to the account signing instruction held by the Financial Institution where the account is based.

(c) It is your responsibility to advise 1-Stop if the account nominated by you to be drawn against is transferred or closed.

(d) It is your responsibility to arrange with 1-Stop a suitable alternate payment method if you wish to change the account where payments are made from.

(e) At 1-Stop's discretion an administration fee of 10% may also be charged for each drawing returned unpaid.


6.  Refund policy for Annual Subscriptions (1-Stop Gateway and ComTrac)

Annual subscription renewals will be refunded if 1-Stop is notified within the first 7 days before the due date of your subscription annual payment which occurs on the 15th of the month. No refunds will be granted for notifications received after this date. Any refund will be calculated on a pro-rata basis, excluding setup fees and administration fees (if any).


6.1   1-Stop Gateway Subscription fee

The 1-Stop Gateway subscription fee payable to 1-Stop has an initial 30-day money back satisfaction
guarantee. If you are not 100% completely satisfied with our Gateway services within the first 30 days of signing up, you will be given a full refund of the contracted amount excluding setup fees and administration fees (if any).

This policy does not apply to any other additional chargeable services utilised during this period such as Alerts and Notifications messages.

6.2   Refund of unused users or alerts

1-Stop will not refund the difference should you wish to decrease your subscription tier prior to the expiry date of your subscription service.


7.  Refund policy for MSICs

Upon acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of use of an MSIC and the Notifications and Alerts service, refunds are not applicable.


8.  1-Stop Gateway and ComTrac Subscription

8.1 Payment Frequency

The subscription amount associated with the 1-Stop Gateway and ComTrac service will be drawn yearly (direct debit / credit card option) on the commencement date or month of your subscription for the annual amount stipulated on the 1-Stop web site at the time the amount is to be drawn and authorised in the Direct Debit/Credit Card Request Authority Form.

 8.2 Term

Subscriptions are deemed to be taken up on an annual basis and will automatically renew on the anniversary

 8.3 Subscription tiered usage plans

Subscription services are subject to a tier pricing model on:

(a) 1-Stop Gateway – Per user basis

(b) ComTrac – Per alert basis

Please refer to the 1-Stop website for updated pricing schedule -

During the period of your subscription service should your company require:

(a) Additional users; or

(b) Additional alerts

 which results in You moving to a higher tier price then the price difference is required to be paid either via 1-Stop's online payment system ComPay or Electronic Funds Transfer prior to the higher tier being activated.



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