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Q&A before xmas


Only 6 days until Christmas! I hope you've got your Christmas shopping under control and won't be running around like a headless chook this weekend! (unlike me)


As the year draws to an end, I have put together a Q&A of some of the questions I'm most commonly asked - whether you are an long term customer, a new customer or are yet to join, I hope you find something in here helpful.



Questions and Answers



1. Can 1-Stop alert me when my container has been cleared by customs?


Yes, we can. We can advise you whether your container is being held by customs or whether it has been cleared. If you have our ComTrac service, you can request for this alert, and once we get the information from customs we will send you the alert. We can also send you alerts for vessel and container information as well. 



2. I just started my own transport business - what do I need to set up with 1-Stop?


If you have just started your own transport business and need to access the terminal to do container drop offs/pick ups, then you will need to get the VBS. This is an online service that will allow you to make bookings to drop off/pick up containers. You will also need an MSIC, if you haven’t already got one. Everyone who needs access to the terminal needs to have an MSIC. You will also need to get 1-Stop Gateway or ComTrac so you can have visibility over what’s happening to your container at the wharf and can submit export PRAs. You will need to get ComPay – this is an online payment service where you are required to pay for any container storage charges incurred at the terminal. And finally, if you are just starting out you may want to consider advertising your business on our website, so you can raise awareness and attract potential customers. 



3. Which container terminals does 1-Stop have information from?


1-Stop has information from all major terminals in Australia. This includes DP World, Patrick, Hutchison Ports Australia, AAT, QUBE and Flinders Port. The information ranges from vessel arrivals and departures to container tracking among other things. You can access this information in both the 1-Stop Gateway and ComTrac



4. Can I reuse my empty import container for export?


Yes you can. You are able to do this via our Container Control service, and the shipping line will be notified too so you don’t have to wait on an email response or a call back. 



5. Which parts of the website can I advertise my business?


There are 3 spots you can advertise your business. The general website, the VBS and the MSIC site. Each offers a different audience for your business. If you want to advertise to industry in general, the general website would be best, but if you want to target transport companies only then the VBS and/or MSIC would be best. 

I welcome any feedback, comments and questions so you are welcome to reply to the email or call me on Ph: 02 9588 8987.

Enjoy your weekend!


Tyron Rota

1-Stop Team

Ph: 02 9588 8987

Does 1-Stop have vessel schedule information from all shipping lines?


The answer is yes. The shipping lines provide the information to the terminals and the terminals provide the information to 1-Stop. You can access this information in 1-Stop Gateway or ComTrac.


How much does Advertising on 1-Stop cost?


You can read information on our Advertising service here. If you are interested, let me know and I'll send you pricing based on your requirements. 




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