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October Newsletter

1-stop connections






>  Self-Service Portal

>  ComTrac info

>  VBS Stack Run upgrade

>  1-Stop MSIC and Aust Post






Next day payments

Since 1-Stop has fully acquired ComPay, debit transaction times have reduced to next day (T+1).


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Need staff?

We can help by providing a platform to advertise job vacancies.


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Employer of Choice 

1-Stop has been commemorated as an ABA100 Winner for Employer of Choice in The Australian Business Awards 2014.


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Phone: 1300 881 055





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If you're in the Sydney to Newcastle area, I hope the recent severe weather hasn't affected you too much and that all is ok.


We've been paying special attention to our help service these last few months and have a new way for you to get help instead of phone or email.  We call it the Self-Service Portal, but it's really just logging your issue on our website, then all responses are through this online portal until the issue is resolved.


Other helpful activites for you are our webinars.  Just click the links below to find out more about:

  • ComTrac - how it works and it's benefits. 
  • The upgrade to the Stack Run module in the VBS.

And finally, we've teamed up with Aust Post to take your MSIC photo for you to ensure that your application is processed faster. 


That's all for now but I'd like to know what else can we help with?  What topic would you like us to talk about in a future webinar?

  Talk soon,



Log your own 1-Stop support tickets


1-stop get help



You don't have to call 1-Stop to get  help any more.  You can now log a support ticket and keep updating it our website until it's resolved.  You'll get an email when you create it, and whenever anyone updates it.








ComTrac Information Session

1-stop ship sailing schedule      


Niki Khatri and Tyron Rota hosted webinar about ComTrac and want you to have a listen.  In the webinar, you'll learn about what ComTrac is and how it works, and how it can benefit you.  




VBS Stack Run upgrade


1-stop vbs        


The Stack Run module is being upgraded:


   * Updated the Stack Run In and Out screen look and feel

   * Added the Stack Run In Full feature

   * Added the Dual Manifesting feature





1-Stop Teams up with Aust Post for the MSIC


        1-stop misc 



The process to apply for a 1-Stop MSIC is easier than it's ever been. An Aust Post staff member will now take your photo for you and send it on electronically with your appplication lodgement.





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