News — September 13, 2023

Wednesday, September 13, 2023: OneStop Unveils Transformational Partnership with PortConnect to Revolutionise Oceania’s Supply Chain with Unprecedented Data Insights

OneStop is thrilled to announce our latest partnership, with PortConnect, who deliver data-driven logistics solutions to sea and inland ports in New Zealand. This collaboration represents a significant milestone in our shared mission to modernise supply chain operations by leveraging the extraordinary power of data and eradicating manual bottlenecks while bridging connectivity gaps across Oceania.

OneStop and PortConnect share a common vision of unlocking the boundless potential within the supply chain of Australia and New Zealand through the innovative use of data and cutting-edge technologies. Despite the wealth of available data, the industry currently faces fragmentation and disconnected data points, resulting in missed opportunities for synergy and operational efficiency.

With this strategic partnership, we are both poised to harness our collective data expertise to weave together the intricate fabric of the supply chain industry. Our shared goal is to create a unified, harmonious data-ecosystem that fosters collaboration, transparency, efficiency, and operational excellence.

To achieve this, we are jointly committed to further developing and delivering an accurate, real-time window of visibility into the movement of freight across the Australian and New Zealand supply chain. By providing stakeholders with unparalleled data insights, we aim to improve both time and cost efficiencies within the interconnected port community and broader supply chain.

Key highlights of this transformative partnership include:

  • Data-Driven Automation: Our combined expertise will drive the automation of container transactions, reducing reliance on manual processes.
  • Closing Connectivity Gaps: We are both dedicated to closing the connectivity gaps that currently hinder industry-wide collaboration, ensuring that all stakeholders benefit from a more cohesive and seamless supply chain community.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Through real-time data insights, we are poised to significantly enhance time and cost efficiencies across the Australia and New Zealand supply chain, benefiting businesses and consumers alike.

We are excited about the potential of this partnership to drive positive change and innovation within the supply chain industry. OneStop and PortConnect are committed to working collaboratively to bring our shared vision to fruition, ultimately providing data insights that will transform the Australian and New Zealand supply chain.

In response to the ongoing challenges being faced within the supply chain, our first initiative will focus on enhancing transparency surrounding empty container park events in the New Zealand market. Through our collaboration, the OneStop Modal integration will allow supply chain participants to seamlessly access real-time visibility into these events via the PortConnect Track and Trace and B2B platforms.

Chris Harnett, Chief Customer Officer at OneStop, says, “Signing this data partnership with PortConnect is a major milestone in both companies’ data expansion and market investments.  This partnership represents years of positive engagement and collaboration with PortConnect, with the specific focus on solving visibility challenges in the Oceania supply chain. Through this partnership, together we have been able to power operational efficiencies while enhancing existing technology to include added functionality required to create the most real-time and accurate data set across Australia and New Zealand.”

We look forward to continuing our partnership with them and seeking new ways to enhance both of our innovative product suites and continue to drive efficiencies in New Zealand and the wider supply chain.

Dan Cowie, General Manager at PortConnect, says, “We are very excited to work with OneStop, this partnership will without doubt enhance the “single source of truth” for container data across the New Zealand supply chain, enabling time savings by removing manual processes and improving transparency. This in turn reduces activities that don’t improve service quality or create value for logistics providers and consumers alike.”

For media inquiries and further information, please contact:

Kaylee Salzke
Senior Sales and Marketing Executive, OneStop.

Michele Hansen
Commercial Manager, PortConnect


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