News — July 5, 2022

Tuesday, 5th July: 1-Stop Connections and ContainerCo celebrate four years of partnership and the successful New Zealand wide rollout

– Joint Media Release –

1-Stop Connections (1-Stop) and ContainerCo celebrated the success of their nationwide rollout and four-year partnership at Tauranga Container Park on Monday 4 July 2022, which has seen close collaboration between the two companies.

Tauranga Container Park is the ninth and final ContainerCo site to implement the 1-Stop solution that provides them with increased visibility and streamlined operations across the ContainerCo company. Tauranga Container Park is ContainerCo’s largest container park, with an average of 450 container movements per day or approximately 150,000+ container movements per year.

To celebrate 1-Stop and ContainerCo welcomed carriers visiting Tauranga Container Park to join in the festivities, where they received Raymons Pies, donated Zespri Kiwi Fruit and some merchandise.

OneStop’s Product Manager, Kent Harrison, said that “The implementation of 1-Stop’s depot system at the ninth ContainerCo site marks the completion of the first chapter of the journey 1-Stop and ContainerCo are on together. Each company brought their expertise to the table; ContainerCo’s operational know-how, 1-Stop’s tech smarts and platform; and together we have built 1-Stop’s depot solution into a modern and flexible product that is ready to meet the rapidly changing needs of the container logistics industry.”

ContainerCo’s Chief Operating Officer, Ben Duncan, said that “As we come to the end of our implementation journey, we are excited to start to strengthen the partnership between ContainerCo and 1-Stop digitising our Depots and providing great efficiency for our customers and the supply chain”

1-Stop Connections and ContainerCo look forward to continuing to collaborate to explore further possibilities and ways to bring new features, solutions and innovations that benefit the New Zealand supply chain community.

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Queries about this Media Release should be directed to Kaylee Salzke, 1-Stop Connections, 0436 378 200 / or to Trinita Sampurno, ContainerCo

About 1-Stop Connections: the leader in innovative port logistics technology solutions aimed at streamlining operations, enhancing efficiency, and optimising productivity throughout the supply chain.

About ContainerCo: New Zealand’s leading independent container storage and servicing business.