News — March 14, 2023

Tuesday, March 14th 2023: Malec Brothers Transport Implements OneStop Modal, Transforming Empty Container Park Operations in Brisbane


OneStop is excited to announce the successful implementation of OneStop Modal at Malec Brothers Transport’s second empty container park in Brisbane, Australia. With over 25 years of experience in the transport industry, Malec distributes a variety of goods, including cotton, grain, wood, and metal. As a forward-thinking business, they recently ventured into the Empty Container Park sector in response to a significant increase in cotton exports.


By entering the empty container park sector, Malec gained further control of their container movements, saved on transport costs, and streamlined container exchanges for their customers, ultimately gaining a competitive edge. The implementation of OneStop Modal at Malec’s second site highlights the shift away from traditional container park operations and the benefits of data-driven systems in driving progress throughout the wider supply chain.


Chris Harnett, Chief Customer Officer at OneStop, says, “We are thrilled to extend and expand our partnership with Malec Brothers Transport in Australia. As the market-leading solution for the New Zealand depot industry, OneStop’s depot solution is rapidly gaining traction in Australia. By leveraging the latest technologies, our depot solution facilitates more effective container movement for the entire supply chain. With the first of many installations set to roll out across Australia in the coming months, we are excited to bring industry-wide benefits and enable more informed decision-making through data-driven solutions.”


By incorporating these technologies, transport companies can deliver more sustainable, scalable, and efficient supply chain options to their customers and the market. Malec’s commitment to providing top-notch logistics solutions aligns with OneStop’s mission, and we are confident that our partnership will bring greater efficiencies, improved decision-making, and transform operations for the entire community.

For any questions regarding the Malec Brothers Transport implementation, please, contact OneStop’s Senior Marketing and Communications Executive, Kaylee Salzke, at