News — December 1, 2022

Thursday, December 1st 2022: Notice of OneStop Gateway Subscription Prices for 2023

Good Morning,

Please be advised that our OneStop Gateway subscription pricing is changing effective from January 1st, 2023. Price increases are never an easy decision for any business; however, it is necessary under current rising costs, including inflationary pressures and increases in security requirements, as highlighted in recent events.

These price adjustments enable us to continue to provide our customers with leading-edge software solutions and ensure we continue to provide the best security and protection for our users.

Our 2023 OneStop Gateway pricing according to the tier level will be as per below:

■  Standard Tier (up to 4 users) – $3,450

■  Silver Tier (up to 9 users) – $4,050

■  Gold Tier (up to 14 users) – $5,100

■  Premium Tier (up to 40 users) – $7,850

■  Platinum Tier (unlimited users) – $8,850

*All pricing quoted is per annum, excludes GST and will take effect from the renewal subscription date.

Please note: for customers using our manual billing payment option, from January 1st, 2023, our processing fee will also increase to $350 +GST. We highly recommend that all customers move to one of our preferred payment methods of either direct debit or credit card by reaching out to our sales team via

We are also bringing some fantastic new features to our OneStop Gateway solution in 2023. This means from March 30th, 2023, our OneStop Gateway v2.0 product will be decommissioned, and we will be moving all users to our new and exciting Gateway v3.0.

What new features can you expect from the new OneStop Gateway v3.0?

■  The flexibility to email a copy of all PRA submissions to any and multiple email addresses at one time.

■  Users will now be able to see PRA validations in real time! Should users receive any errors during the PRA submission process, they will now see the error descriptions and steps to resolve the error, all within the same screen. Saving users time on processing PRAs submissions and allowing them to resolve errors.

■  OneStop Gateway v3.0 will identify how many PRA bookings are registered against a shipping line booking reference in real time. This new capacity control method removes reconciliation issues when too many PRAs are submitted against the shipping line booking reference.

■  The system now auto-fills hazardous, reefer and OOG details, removing the need for users to manually input the information.

■  Warning messages will now appear when a PRA has already been submitted to a terminal for a container. This prompt removes the risk of a new PRA submission overriding a previously submitted PRA for a container.

■  OneStop Gateway v3.0 will now identify the discharge port.

■  Users can now view Container weight data through the OneStop Gateway v3.0 system.

We can’t wait for our users to try the new OneStop Gateway v3.0, so we are giving them the ability to take advantage of the above new features through the new solution from today!

In the coming weeks, we will be providing our OneStop Gateway customers with a full range of instructional videos containing tips and tricks to help them navigate the new platform. We will also be asking users to access the platform and provide us with their valued feedback on their experience. So, we recommend that customers look out for future email updates from us on OneStop Gateway v3.0 throughout December 2022.

We thank our customers for their ongoing support and understanding and look forward to collaborating with them all in 2023 and beyond.

If there are any questions regarding our price amendments or changes coming to OneStop Gateway v3.0, please reach out to our sales team via



Chris Harnett

Chief Customer Officer