News — January 14, 2018

R&D need your help

The time of the year has come, when we conduct our annual Customer Satisfaction Survey. The survey is shorter this year, with more targeted questions.

Why do we do it?

We want to hear how each and every one of our customers view 1-Stop as a whole, our products and our service.
The survey will be sent from our CEO, Michael Bouari, mid-October.
What will we do with your feedback, the good and the bad?
We will share our results and communicate the changes we will make.

We won an award!

In August, 1-Stop received ‘The Australian Business Award for Employer of Choice’. People are our asset, and we are honoured to win this award to show, not only our current employees but future employees, that 1-Stop is a great, innovative place to work. It’s our ambition to drive and demonstrate that 1-Stop is the leader in digital leadership, therefore, digital transformation. This award showcases we are moving in the right direction.

1-Stop creates a new team: Research and Development (R&D)

We pride ourselves on being the global innovator in the Port Community, and to propel our ability to provide innovative industry solutions, we have introduced a new agile R&D Team.
The team will drive new product development and bring solutions to the market place that will provide value to the logistics and supply chain industry. We want to make life simpler for our community.
We need your help! 1-Stop are looking for a group of businesses to test and trial some of our new products. To see how you can help, click here.

Enjoy your weekend,
Marketing Manager