News — December 8, 2021

ContainerCo’s Northport facility implements 1-Stop Modal

1-Stop Connections (1-Stop) is excited to announce that our ongoing partnership with ContainerCo continues to grow, with the next implementation to be at ContainerCo’s Northport (RCP) facility in Marsden Point on 8 December 2021.

ContainerCo’s RCP facility will implement 1-Stop Modal, an integrated platform for gate and container management. It’s our newest software as a service solution (SAAS), designed to provide a fully module depot operating system.

1-Stop Modal allows for automated truck arrivals and departures, integrated EDI processing, live container management, and real-time data sharing across the Supply Chain. One of the key benefits it will provide ContainerCo the ability to manage their entire workload through one interconnected solution, so they can maximise space and optimise their resourcing ahead of time.

1-Stop looks forward to bringing further increased efficiency gains to the New Zealand and Global Supply Chain through improved visibility and connectivity.

For any questions regarding the Northport implementation, please reach out to 1-Stop Connections, Marketing and Communications Executive – Kaylee Salzke via