News — October 13, 2020

Patrick Terminals: Train Consist

Due to new rail equipment at Patrick Port Botany, 1-Stop has introduced new fields when customers are using 1-Stop’s Train Consist platform.

From 12 am on 2nd November, the door direction information must be provided in the Train Consist message to Patrick Port Botany. Web-users will be mandated to provide information to proceed further and EDI messages will be rejected if the information is missing or incorrect.

Please see below the instructions for both Web and EDI users:

   For web users:

A new field  ‘Door Facing ‘ is added to the screen. This field will be a drop-down menu with 2 options, Doors Facing Forward(DFF) will be door facing towards the front of the train, and, Doors Facing Aft (DFA) will be door facing towards the back of the train. This field will be mandatory for containers going to Patrick Port Botany.

   For EDI Messages:

Information for Door facing should be provided in HAN segment in BAPLIE messages. Train Consist messages to Patrick Port Botany will be rejected if this information is not provided.  Below is an example of the message specification.

If you require further information please view our User Guide here or contact us at 1300 881 055.