Vehicle Booking System (VBS)


A  complete terminal capacity management system

VBS was developed to drive efficiencies by addressing the common issues shared by port communities around the world – the lack of transparent information flow, under-utilisation of equipment and inefficient practices. 1-Stop’s flagship product is the premier Terminal to Landside interface, currently active in 17 facilities and terminals across Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.


Flexibility for terminal operators

1-Stop VBS provides the capability to optimise port operations. Our user-friendly digital interface – for desktop, mobile and tablet devices – is the ‘mediator’ of all messaging and information that is vital to port and freight operations.

VBS allows terminal operators to match terminal resources with landside demand. Terminals can configure timeslots, work-day calendars and business rules, and create and maintain customer details.

Minimising manual data entry and virtually eliminating time-consuming and error prone paperwork, VBS harness technology to streamline operations from ship to gate.

For example, when the quayside is busy, landside resources can be adjusted to support best use of equipment. Equally, when quayside activity is lower, landside operations can be ramped up to support clearing for the next vessel arrival.

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More than just a booking system, VBS provides a complete terminal capacity management system, delivering benefits for terminal operators and freight carriers alike.

Equipment, fleet and human resources can be accurately matched to demand, spreading incoming vehicles and container movements over full 24 hour periods.

Quicker, leaner, smarter. Your competitive advantage.

Like all 1-Stop solutions, our VBS has been developed for easy implementation and usability. It is designed to seamlessly integrate with existing technology and
systems including other 1-Stop tools. VBS continues to evolve through valued input and collaboration from stakeholders throughout the ports community.
Providing terminal and freight operators with an accurate view of operations, business planning can be greatly enhanced. With better financial analysis and forecasting, users can adapt business models to cut costs and be better positioned to respond to both challenges and opportunities for growth.

The history of 1-Stop VBS in Australia

The 1-Stop VBS has been in operation for over 15 years. Watch how VBS has enabled and improved the movement of goods throughout Australia.



Port and Terminal Operators

To discuss pricing of our Vehicle Booking System or any other of our innovative port solutions, contact Chris Harnett, Head of Sales.

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Road Carriers and Freight Forwarders

Please contact your terminal operator directly for pricing options.

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Your questions answered.
Advanced Bookings - General Why do I get the error "Booking for this vessel not allowed" when clicking on "Get Details"?

When you go to attach your container to your booking, the system looks up the container number and matches it against the information the vessel schedule.

If the information matches, you’ll be able to attach it.
If not, you’ll get that error message.

Possible mismatching information could be related to the:

  • ETA and ETD
  • Voyage number
  • Against the vessel that the container is on.

What you can do:

  • When attaching your container, look at the dropdown box on the “vsl/voy” section and select the vessel/voy number that is listed there
  • Contact us so that we can request the terminal to send us an updated vessel schedule
Advanced Bookings - General What is the VBS?

Our flagship product, the VBS, is the premier system for the Terminal to Landside interface. The VBS is active in 12 Terminals across Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.

Our Vehicle Booking System (VBS), the tool that drives efficiencies to reduce those common issues. It’s not just a booking system – it’s a terminal capacity management system.

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Advanced Bookings - General What do all the holds mean?
Line Clear The EIDO PIN has been received and acknowledged by the facility.
Line Held The EIDO PIN has either not been received by the facility or it has been rejected.
Customs Clear All holds on the Container have been lifted and cleared. It can also mean that the container is conditionally cleared by underbond.
Customs Held There is a Customs impediment on the container, such as duty not paid, customs hold, XRAY hold etc.
Other Held An “other” hold can be a any reason as applied by the terminal, including GAS Hold (Giant African Snail).
Advanced Bookings - General I'm having trouble confirming a slot and I don't know why

There could be a few reasons why you cannot confirm your time slot. Here are some scenarios and the likely reasons why you’re experiencing them:

Error message: Invalid Container Number This is caused when either

1. a particular container is missing from the vessel bayplan, or
2. no bayplan for that vessel has been received

Contact us so we can investigate the above options and take the appropriate action.

Error message: Booking For This Vessel Is Not Allowed This is caused when either

1. your time slot is before the availability time
2. your container is in storage
3. your time slot is very close to availability time.

For all 3 options try entering the container number, but don’t click “Get Details”. Instead, select the vessel and voyage, length and commodity manually, then click Save.

If this does not work, contact us for further assistance.

Advanced Bookings - General Why can't I make bookings and instead get a message to contact the terminal?

If you are seeing this message:
“You cannot make bookings at this time as your account is either restricted or inactive. Please call the terminal directly to have this rectified.”

It is because you owe payment for 1 or more invoices, and your VBS access has been “Restricted”.

In this “Restricted” state, you will only be able to login and navigate through the screens to view information.  You won’t be able to make any new bookings.

To lift this restriction, contact the Terminal’s accounts department and resolve the outstanding amounts.

Advanced Bookings - General What is a 'No Show'?

A ‘No Show’ occurs when a truck does not make the appearance at the terminal during the nominated slot time, after having confirmed the booking.

When this occurs, the booking will be treated as a “No Show” and you may be charged additional fees. The container number on the booking will then be prefixed with a “NS” and you cannot amend the booking.

The container will then be available for you to confirm against another booking.

Advanced Bookings - General What does 'The EIDO Pin (CRN) does not match the data provided by the shipping lines - contact the shipping lines to confirm the CRN' mean?

You may receive this error message when attaching an EIDO PIN to your VBS booking.

To be able to attach the PIN, the following must have happened:

  • The shipping line has sent the EIDO to the terminal through 1-Stop
  • The terminal has confirmed that they accept the EIDO and respond with an ACCEPTED message to 1-Stop

So if you can’t attach the container to your booking, it might be because:

  • The vessel / voyage / terminal and discharge port details that you have are not aligned with what the shipping line, terminal and 1-Stop have. 1-Stop can check this and if there are any mismatches we will ask you to contact your shipping line to verify the information with your and they will need to resend the eIDO in some cases.
  • The terminal’s confirmation response has not been received by 1-Stop. We can check this also and if we don’t have it we’ll take the necessary action to have it remedied.
Advanced Bookings - Registration How long after I register does it take to get activated?

Once you register for the VBS, a registration email is sent to the container terminal operators (CTO).

They will review and respond to 1-Stop to approve and activate the registration or not.

Once 1-Stop are advised to activate the registration, you will receive an email within 4 hours indicating that your VBS account has been activated and ready to use.

Advanced Bookings - Schedule Visibility Where does the data in Import Delivery Times screen come from?

VBS data comes from the data that we receive hourly from the terminals.

The vessels displayed are all the vessel for the selected terminal.

Below are the columns displayed on the screen and an explaining of where that data comes from:

  • ETA – directly from the ETA in the vessel feed as displayed in the vessel schedule
  • Vessel – the vessel name as it appears in the vessel feed as displayed in the vessel schedule
  • Lloyds – the lloyds number as it appears in the vessel feed as displayed in the vessel schedule
  • In Voyage – the vessel voyage in number as it appears in the vessel feed as displayed in the vessel schedule
  • Out Voyage – the vessel voyage out number as it appears in the vessel feed as displayed in the vessel schedule
  • First Availability – this date comes from the date of the ‘last discharge’ message the stevedore sends to 1-Stop
  • First Free – this date comes from the vessel Import Availability Date as it appears in the vessel feed as displayed in the vessel schedule. (for DP WORLD PORT BOTANY add +1 day extra)
  • Storage Start – this date comes from the vessel Import Storage Start Date as it appears in the vessel feed as displayed in the vessel schedule.
Advanced Bookings - VICT When will VICT go live?

Victoria International Container Terminal intend to go live by the end of 2016.

Find out all you need to know regarding operations at VICT.

Read online or download the PDF

User Guides

How-to, training resources and trouble shooting.
Description Type Version Link
VBS User Guide User Guide 1.0 View

Technical Specifications

Integration, technical requirements and specifications.
Description Type Version Link
Stack Run Messaging - Engagement Specification 1.0 pdf
Stack Run Messaging - Messaging Specification 1.0 pdf
Stack Run Messaging - Test Cases Specification 1.0 pdf
Vessel Routing and Vessel Schedule File Format Specification 1.14 pdf

Software Notes

Latest bug fixes and software upgrades
VBS / July 11, 2018 1-Stop Modal release 18R4.6

1-Stop Modal release 18R4.6

In release 18R4.6, we have made updates to the sign in function and the display screen, providing a better user experience.

The updates will occur on Tuesday the 17th of July 2018 from 7pm to 9pm. During this time carriers will not be able to make bookings, carriers will see an ‘under maintenance page’ during the update.

Updates as follows:

Single sign in: Once users have logged into VBS they will not be asked to enter their credentials again when they go into the VBS portal.

New Theme for VBS portal (Container Park Booking Page)

To keep consistency with the 1-Stop brand, the colour and theme of the screen has been updated.

VBS / July 25, 2017 17R4 – VBS software upgrade August 2017

Bug fixes in this release

  • Notification – sending notification at midnight local time for the scheduled day
  • Stack Run In Full – displays vessel name, lloyds and voyage name in the correct format
  • Xray Manifest – Displays the correct held status


  • DP World only – Carriers will now be able to confirm bookings for Early Receival containers

More details can be found here