Opinion Piece: Changing Face of Container Logistics

MB article


An industry platform that covers all aspects of container logistics needs to integrate all the steps involved in shipping, storage and redirection. It would be accessible to all stakeholders in the port community, and make business sense through savings in efficiency and a decrease in container down-time.

Just as Google began life as a search engine and now presents itself as a one-stop shop for cloud-based data storage and processing, the Port community needs a platform that covers the spectrum of shipping logistics.

The white paper will show that a platform that integrates a suite of solutions to increase productivity for the Port community is not only desirable, but ultimately vital in reshaping container logistics.

It will examine the great shift away from the dichotomy of ‘seller’ and ‘buyer’ and show how businesses evolve from selling products to developing platforms, with reference to the Port community logistics platform 1-Stop.

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