1-Stop's May/June Newsletter ❄


Winter edition!

The cold weather has well and truly hit Australia. Stay warm!

Since you last heard from us, 1-Stop has had a huge couple of months.

In exciting news, we have announced our newest product to hit the market. 1-Stop Modal is live. Modal is the answer container depots have been asking for. It’s a complete tailor-made solution that has been created in collaboration with, and in direct response to the community needs and response. The full media release can be found here. 

Our CEO, Michael Bouari and the research team are working hard on new solutions and ideas, with many more products to hit the market in the next 18 months. These products will all form 1-Stop’s vision to be the Container Logistics Platform.

Michael has published a white paper in Port Technology’s Journal. The white paper shows how a platform that integrates a suite of solutions to increase productivity for the Port community is not only desirable, but ultimately vital in reshaping container logistics.

The world saw a ransom-ware attack recently. 1-Stop maintains a strict level of security and we have conducted a thorough review of our security and systems . We can assure you that your data is safe. More information can be found here. 

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Opinion by Michael Bouari

Michael provides his opinion on   Changing Face of Container Logistics.

Our third software upgrade for 2017 is here. 
Our latest upgrade will be going live next week.