News — January 22, 2021

Metrobox Limited Depots to implement 1-Stop’s VBS at all 4 sites

Metrobox Limited has elected to migrate to a new Vehicle Booking System.

The selected system known as 1-Stop, was recently implemented with success at Specialised Container Services (Tauranga) Limited, and will replace the current VBS system, in its entirety at all Metrobox Limited depots (Neilson St, Savill Drive, Hamilton and Rolleston).

This new system will Go Live 1st March 2021 at which time all transporters arriving at any MetroBox Limited depot will be required to have a valid 1-Stop booking.

Further advice regarding 1-Stop registration, training, and fee application will be distributed the first week of February.

Metrobox sees great benefit in utilising this same system across all Specialised and MetroBox locations.  1-Stop is compatible with their internal systems, and there will  bea team dedicated to the implementation to ensure a smooth transition.