News — February 5, 2021

Metrobox – 1-Stop VBS to be live from 1st March

1-Stop Connections is pleased to announce Metrobox Limited will begin using 1-Stop’s Vehicle Booking System (VBS) to manage the flow of trucks in and out of all 4 of Metrobox Limited depots (Neilson St, Savill Drive, Hamilton and Rolleston).

The VBS will go live at 6am on Monday 1st March.   Timeslots will open at 9 am on Friday 26th February, where carriers will be able to book for Monday 1st March. From there, timeslots will be available 72 hours in advance.

Transport Operators will need to register for the depot. To register for Metrobox sites, please follow this link: Register for the VBS.

Please note you will need to add each depot individually.

If you already have a 1-Stop account, please follow this link to add Metrobox Limited Depots to your profile. Please note, as part of the registration process you will need to read and accept the Terms and Conditions.

The registration user guide can be found here: Registration User Guide 

1-Stop will be holding training sessions, and we encourage all transport operators to attend these sessions as the booking process through the VBS will be different to other facilities in New Zealand. Please RSVP today. Please note you will only need to register for one session.

Closer to the billing period, we will also organise a training webinar for all account personal.

1-Stop looks forward to enhancing and providing further efficiencies for the New Zealand Supply Chain.

If you have any registrations questions, please contact the 1-Stop Helpdesk on +64 800 700 152 or