News — January 17, 2022

Meet the Team – Catherine De Peralta

Catherine De Peralta joined 1-Stop Connections in November 2017 as a Senior Business Analyst. She brought with her 14 years of Supply Chain industry experience, specifically within Express Distribution, Shipping, Production, and Freight Transport. Cathy’s broad industry knowledge means she has firsthand experiences that allow her to understand and better assist her client’s business needs.

Cathy’s experience within several roles at 1-Stop has made it easier for her to adapt quickly to her new role as an Account Manager when assigned in July 2019.

She believes that business relationships thrive and are the most successful when they are nurtured with a combination of trust, service consistency, and transparency.

Cathy is very proud that she belongs to an industry and business that has shown great resilience when bouncing back from one of the toughest periods in its history with the COVID-19 pandemic.