News — September 26, 2019

Meet Elliott, who has been helping Latin American Port Communities streamline operations

Elliott Wood is 1-Stop’s Business Development Manager for the Central and South American regions. He is responsible for introducing 1-Stop Connections to the Americas while negotiating and executing major business relationships with private and public sector organisations in the maritime sector.

Utilising his international business exposure and experience with terminal operations, Elliott analyses the nuts and bolts of terminal and port operations in the region to propose tailor-made software solutions. He develops relationships with key stakeholders in the sector to create awareness of 1-Stop’s suite of products that enable cost-efficient, automated processes for Ports, Terminals and the entire maritime logistics supply chain.

“I see great potential for Latin American Ports and Terminals. There is a continent-wide trend to increase, improve and modernise the current systems used in ports across the region. And we are excited to be a key contributor starting with the  implementation of our flagship product, the 1-Stop Vehicle Booking System (VBS) in the region later this year”, says Elliott, reflecting on the exciting times ahead.

Prior to joining 1-Stop in 2016, Elliott was with a Belgian MNC where he provided on-site research, data analysis and business know-how for foreign direct investments into developing countries and markets. His 4 years with the company saw him span 5 continents, working in 25 countries. During this period, Elliott honed his leadership skills, managing teams of sales representatives, marketing professionals and investment analysts.

Eventually, he moved to Panama City (Panama), his favorite destination, to begin a new chapter as Operations Manager of Manzanillo International Terminal (MIT). Directly overlooking yard planning, traffic control, automatic stacking crane container blocks, empty containers, evacuations and rail connectivity, he played a pivotal role in MIT improving container moves per hour from 32MPH to 35MPH and reducing average Truck Turn Times from 34 minutes to 28.

Elliott holds a Degree in International Affairs & Relations from Florida State University.


In Australia, the 1-Stop VBS has helped ports reduce average truck turnaround times from 91 minutes to an impressive 15 minutes. In Manila, the 1-Stop VBS (known as TABS) has contributed to;

  • Increased terminal resource utilisation by 47%,
  • A 500% increase in truck utilisation, and
  • 50% reduction in container dwell times.

To find out more about how 1-Stop’s VBS can help your business, contact Elliott on or +507 6674 2422.