News — August 9, 2021

1-Stop Connections & ContainerCo reveals their next strategic partnership site

1-Stop Connections (1-Stop) and ContainerCo are proud to announce their latest strategic partnership facility, Manukau Container Park (MCP), in Auckland. The implementation of the 1-Stop platform including, the Depot Operating System (1-Stop Modal) and 1-Stop Vehicle Booking System (VBS), is taking place on Monday, 30 August 2021.

With the addition of the MCP facility, 1-Stop and ContainerCo will continue to bring an unprecedented increase in connectivity and visibility across the New Zealand Supply Chain.

All Transport Operators visiting 1-Stop partner terminals and depots in New Zealand will be able to use one single platform for all of their planning, booking, and pick-up/drop-off requirements. From Monday, 30 August 2021, all container movements at MCP will require a time slot booking made via the 1-Stop VBS.

Transport Operators who have access to the 1-Stop VBS for ContainerCo’s – Hugo Johnston Park (HJP) and other facility sites in Auckland will automatically receive access to Manukau Container Park from mid-August.

To add the new MCP site, Transport Operators will need to log into the 1-Stop VBS and then go to the “My Account” menu, then to “Subsidiary”, and then to “Add Facility”.

Any Transport Operators who have not used the 1-Stops VBS previously will need to register via the following link:

With MCP going live with the 1-Stop platform this reaffirms 1-Stop and ContainerCo’s strategic partnership as industry leaders to improve productivity in the diverse Supply Chain community.

1-Stop looks forward to bringing you improved ways to move goods across the New Zealand and Global Supply Chain.

For any questions regarding the MCP implementation, please reach out to 1-Stop Connections, Marketing and Communications Executive – Kaylee Salzke via