News — November 23, 2020

How ICS increased their efficiency to stay head of the game with 1-Stop


Intermodal Container Services (ICS) is Western Australia’s largest inland container park. It manages a staggering 3000 containers, and services most of the international shipping companies.

The challenge

The container park has hundreds of trucks coming and going every single day. They needed a system that would streamline their operation to ensure containers could get processed through their depot smoothly and be available to load on trucks to keep up with the increased container demand, removing their time consuming manual processes.

The solution

1-Stop conducted a site visit with ICS in order to be able to provide a tailored solution to the challenges that ICS was facing, inefficiencies, and productivity loss.

ICS then implemented the 1-Stop Depot Solution to manage their park. This cloud-based solution provides a comprehensive, fully customisable gate and inventory management solution that benefits the whole supply chain.

In addition, ICS implemented the Vehicle Booking System (VBS) to help with the flow of trucks going in and out of the depot. the 1-Stop VBS is a complete terminal capacity management system. The VBS allows terminal operators to match terminal resources with landside demand. Terminals can configure timeslots, workday calendars, and business rules, and create and maintain customer details. The VBS has a proven track record. When introduced, communities have reported Truck Turn Times reduced from 91-37 minutes and Dwell Times reduced by 30% in the first two weeks.

1-Stop Modal and 1-Stop’s VBS both sit on 1-Stop’s Platform which brings an unprecedented increase in connection and visibility across the supply chain by creating smarter ways to move cargo and goods.

The benefits

ICS has seen increased productivity since working with 1-Stop thanks to:

  • Devices not desktops
  • Choice of devices
  • Faster login
  • Connection dropouts are a thing of the past
  • Easy to use templates
  • Customised inventory grids
  • Easy data exportation
  • Bulk approvals
  • Simplified bookings
  • Greater visibility of bookings
  • Arrivals /gating without error
  • Estimations streamlined
  • Active ERN list

‘The benefits of implementing 1-Stop’s depot solution are endless – these include optimizing gate and yard efficiencies, improving container turn-times and user-friendly operating system are only the beginning. The DNA of the 1-Stop platform is the connection that it creates.’ Chris Harnett, Head of Sales

If you’d like to increase your efficiency and reduce your costs like ICS has, drop us a line HERE.