News — February 10, 2022

February 10th, 2022: 1-Stop Connections and CTAA Seal 3-Year Strategic Alliance Partnership

** Joint Media Release **

1-Stop Connections and Container Transport Alliance Australia (CTAA) have sealed a 3-year Alliance Partnership that will see the two organisations working closely to promote vital developments in container logistics information exchange, visibility and management across Australia.

CTAA is a strong alliance of companies engaged in the container logistics sector across Australia.  CTAA Alliance companies are responsible for the landside movements of the majority of international shipping containers to and from Australia’s capital city container ports.

1-Stop is a leader in innovative port logistics technology solutions aimed at streamlining operations, enhancing efficiency, and optimising productivity throughout the supply chain.

Newly appointed CEO of 1-Stop, Sam Askin, commented that “1-Stop has an exciting array of product improvements and new technology solutions in the pipeline supporting the operational interfaces between container terminals, intermodal facilities, empty container depots and transport company operations.”

“1-Stop is adopting a more agile way of working.  We are keen to leverage our close relationship with CTAA to ensure that we gain valuable feedback from stakeholders to create efficiencies and sustainable growth throughout the supply chain.”

CTAA Director, Neil Chambers said that “the long-term Partnership with 1-Stop will allow us to engage closely with our Alliance companies and more broadly across all stakeholders on how 1-Stop’s technology innovations can evolve to make container logistics chain operations more productive and efficient.”

“We’ll be getting out there in collaboration with 1-Stop seeking stakeholders’ views across Australia.  The Partnership will certainly help to shape and refine the information visibility and technology features that the industry needs to meet future container freight logistics growth.”

Queries about this Media Release should be directed to Kaylee Salzke, 1-Stop, 0436 378 200 / or to Neil Chambers, CTAA, 0413 662 263 /