News — December 11, 2019

Data and Connectivity Across the Supply Chain

Digitisation in the supply chain is no longer a ‘nice to have’ but a crucial strategic component to remaining competitive in the logistics sector. As the industry grows in complexity to meet rising customer demand for faster, better and cheaper services, connectivity between various players in the supply chain is critical for success.

While the importance of data and connectivity is clear as day, the question that we seek to answer is “What’s possible if we have access to standardised data through digitised channels?”.

Data standardisation means bringing accurate, timely and relevant data to a common format that allows for large-scale analytics, visibility and collaboration. This will pave way for the industry to monitor, measure and optimise supply chain productivity collectively, as a community.

I had the privilege of representing 1-Stop Connections as a speaker at the 2019 Supply Chain Technology & Data Summit in Melbourne last month.

It was fantastic to be among champions who are spearheading innovation and regulatory frameworks in Australia to help the country’s freight and logistics operators and consumers. The goal is to help stakeholders across the supply chain leverage emerging technology to realise improved productivity and safety.

In the interest of those who couldn’t make it to the summit, please click below to view a summary of my talk.

Data and Connectivity across the Supply Chain