News — November 18, 2020


Following the recent news that Containerspace will be implementing 1-Stop Modal and VBS on the 1st December, you will now see Containerspace available in your drop-down menu when you log into the VBS. For those carriers that do not currently have a VBS account, you will need to register.

Modal VBS slots will be available from Monday 30th November. A VBS notification will be sent out when slots are open.

If you already visit other sites with 1-Stop’s VBS it will be a similar process. We have recorded the training sessions for those that were unable to attend¬†click through to watch a demonstration on how to make bookings at Containerspace.¬†

If you would like a training session on how to use the VBS and to understand the invoice process please contact Alicia at

If you have any questions regarding registering for a VBS account please contact 1300 881 055.