News — December 8, 2020

Containerspace Implementation of 1-Stop Modal Depot Management System and 1-Stop VBS – Update

It’s week one of the 1-Stop Modal Depot Management System and VBS at Containerspace in Melbourne.  1-Stop is happy to say that this has been a relatively smooth transition.

Below are some of the immediate advantages of the 1-Stop:

  • Paperless Gate Entry: A huge bonus from the transition to the 1-Stop platform is that the system has 100% electronic messaging between Containerspace and its shipping line clients (including Evergreen and CMA/CGM).  Containerspace is the only depot in Australia with this 100% electronic messaging at this point in time.
    The system will remove the need to email copies of the electronic Import Deliver Order (eIDOs) to Containerspace and/or have the driver bring a paper or electronic copy of the eIDO, is a thing of the past.  No eIDO copy required!!
    Not having to interact with truck drivers and the Containerspace operations control staff at the ops window, except in absolute exceptional circumstances, will improve the already efficient truck turnaround times at the ECP.
    Truck turnaround times have been excellent after the transition.
  • Conditions of Entry / Fees:    The Carrier Access Agreement (CAA) governing access to Containerspace has not changed fundamentally with the change-over to 1-Stop.  The same conditions of entry apply.
    There may be a “myth” being perpetuated that the use of the 1-Stop VBS for access to Containerspace attracts the same disciplines and fees associated with the use of the 1-Stop VBS by the stevedore terminals … this is NOT the case.  For instance, there is no wrong zone or no-show fees (other than the VBS transaction cost if the slot is not used as booked or not canceled within the given timeframe).  The transaction fee as advertised by Containerspace is the only fee associated with the VBS booking.
  • Operating Hours / Slot Allocations:  Containerspace is open fully over its operating hours 5am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, and 6am to 12.30pm on Saturdays.  There are no restrictions on slots which are visible in the system.

1-Stop would welcome any feedback from road transport operators related to the experience in using the 1-Stop VBS for Containerspace bookings and information visibility … good or bad!!  Email me at: and we will be sure to provide your feedback to 1-Stop, Containerspace, and relevant others.