1-Stop Access card – the key to terminal access 

1-Stop is a key issuing body for the legally required and Auscheck validated Maritime Security Identification Card (MSIC), which you'll need for unescorted access to secure maritime zones.  If you hold an MSIC it means you've been cleared by the authorities to access these restricted zones.


But that's not all you'll need.

1-stop terminal access card

 For access to major container terminals such as those operated by Patrick, DP World, Hutchison or AAT, you'll also need a 1-Stop Access Card – a swipe access card that is separate to the MSIC.


1-Stop is the only organisation to provide an Access Card for these terminals. Don't be caught out. Imagine arriving at a terminal, ready for a pickup or dropoff, with your MSIC ready, only to be turned away because you don't have a valid Access Card to allow you entry.


If you already have an MSIC from an organisation other than 1-Stop – no problems! Get your terminal access sorted with a 1-Stop Access Card. It's easy to order yours now.

1-stop access card

Is your MSIC from 1-Stop?

If your MSIC is from 1-Stop, it already has the Access Card combined in it.  Just make sure you do the induction so that you don't have any hassles getting in to the terminals.


Your 1-Stop Access Card is easy to apply for and is valid for a maximum of 2 years or less if your MSIC expires before that.


Access all areas

The 1-Stop Access Card combines perfectly with the MSIC card and services provided by 1-Stop for admittance to major terminals.


Talk to us about the online learning and induction services we provide in addition to the MSIC and the 1-Stop Access Card. Our site-specific inductions will ensure your card is activated within the access control systems at the relevant facilities – for the access you need, seamlessly.


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