Train Consist 

The 1-Stop Train Consist application allows rail operators to submit Train Consist messages to terminals using either the our website or electronically via EDIFACT or CSV. 


The purpose of the Train Consist service is to advise the terminals of the impending arrival of a train and other related details such as wagons and container numbers on the train, as well as the exact train configuration. Users will need to comply with the business rules for submitting the relevant PRAs for the containers on the train. Otherwise, if an accepted PRA has not been submitted, the cargo may not be unloaded in the terminal.


At this stage, only Patrick Terminal Port Botany are accepting Train Consist messages via this service. Other terminals including DP World are expected to go live later. 


Rail operators can submit their Train Consist messages for trains going to terminals in various formats:

  • EDI;
  • CSV; and
  • via the web screens on 1-Stop.


The 1-Stop web service allows rail operators to:

  • create a new Train Consist message;
  • track and view Train Consist messages;
  • replace existing messages (sends an ‘Update’ Consist);
  • save a draft for later use;
  • combine multiple drafts to create one train message;
  • create a ‘copy’ of an existing train message to re-use the train configuration; and
  • check PRA status and retrieves latest container details.


Sending messages electronically allows rail operators to:

  • send replacement and cancellation messages; and
  • add onto an existing Train Consist which has been submitted for a train.

1-Stop will automatically consolidate the train message and send it to the terminals.


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