Messaging Hub Overview 

Our 1-Stop Messaging Hub provides a common platform for the transfer of electronic data interchange (EDI) messages between community partners in the freight, shipping and logistics supply chain.  Essentially, we are the information hub for industry. 1-Stop messaging hub

We receive information from many parties in the industry. The hub allows us to add value and to that information before sending out to relevant parties.

In other words, we facilitate information sharing from one company or individual to another.

The other main feature of our Messaging Hub is that we can take information in any format and translate it to any format or language. So really, we are the translator for the industry.

The Messaging Hub is not a service that we sell itself but it is the backbone behind how all of our services work. For example the 1-Stop Gateway, ComTrac and ComPay all require information from many sources, and the 1-Stop Messaging Hub connects the information.  Therefore improving the data and making it more accurate and meaningful when sent out to the end user. Click here for the full list of benefits.  

All of our services are designed to make your business processes more efficient, make your data more accurate and lower your costs.

Click here to see a list of all of our services.   


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