Container Control is an online service that allows you to reuse your empty import containers for exports 1-stop container

  • Reuse your empty import containers for existing export bookings
  • Hold on to empty import containers and store them on your premises for future exports
  • Advise shipping lines of your actions online using Container Control


Don’t waste time dropping containers at empty container parks

  • If you reuse an empty import container for export you won’t have to drop it at an empty container park
  • Cut 2 truck legs from your trip
  • Reduce container handling costs


 No need to wait for approval, get an instant response

  • You might already be reusing containers by calling/emailing the shipping lines for approval. However, reality is you often have to wait a while for a response
  • With Container Control, shipping lines tell us in advance which containers they are happy to have reused, so when you log in you get an instant response
  • Container Control allows you to speed up your operations and get on with your day


How does it work?


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