NEW! Advanced Bookings 

What is Advanced Bookings?


It’s a brand new way of booking!

In the VBS, the Bookings module relies on the community to book what they need. The reality is everyone books whatever they can get and then determines what they need – because jobs haven’t been confirmed yet. Carriers end up listing and wasting their bookings.


This behaviour has created a fight for slots and a "mad rush" every day. This is counter-productive for all the community.


With Advanced Bookings, you only book for the jobs you have. There is no "mad rush", because you have to upload your containers first and only then can you make a booking. This is much more efficient for the community.


How does it work?

  1. Upload the list of containers as soon as they can into the VBS
  2. When the containers have reached maturity (which means predefined business rules are met), set the criteria for the bookings you want and the VBS will go and find the optimal slots for you. Then accept your bookings.
  3. Manifest the truck.


Which sites are using Advanced Bookings?

  • DP World Brisbane was the first to use Advanced Bookings in January 2014. 
  • DP World West Swanson is currently working with industry with a view to use this new feature


To learn more, take a look at the video below.


Download the brochure to read more about Advanced Bookings. Or have a look at our fact sheet.


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