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1-stop tick vessel scheduleAccess vessel schedules.

Find out in advanced when your vessel arrives.

See the ETA/ETD as well as the ATA/ATD so that you can organise your cargo better to speed up imports or exports.


1-stop tick vessel scheduleTrack your containers.Remain in control of your cargo by knowing exactly what is happening and when.  Use our website to see when:

  • The PRA has been accepted by the terminal
  • When the container has been gated in/out
  • The moment it's loaded on/off a vessel
  • If the container has been dehired


Be aware of every movement your container makes. 


1-stop tick vessel scheduleSend unlimited PRAs.

Use our forms to send PRAs. 


It's quick and easy because information is already semi-completed and can be saved.

Not to mention that you can send an unlimited amount of PRAs!  

Over 1,000 companies already benefit from using the 1-Stop Gateway.

  •  Save time as information is there available for you in one spot.
  • Save money by keeping an eye on storage dates and speeding up work efficiency.
  • Have peace of mind that the fastest, most accurate and most detailed information is just a short click away.


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