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1-Stop's website is changing. What does it all mean?

Hoping that we've got your questions covered, but if not please let us know.


Question: Why is 1-Stop changing its website?

Answer: There are a few reasons we are changing it, but the most important is that you told us that you weren’t happy with it.  We conducted a Customer Satisfaction survey in 2015, and asked for your feedback about our site and services.  You told us that:

  • Navigation was a little confusing
  • Help information wasn’t easily accessible
  • Website was hard to use on a mobile device

So we’ve changed it to meet your needs.


Question: When will this happen?

Answer: at 1pm, Sydney time, on the 7th April, 2016.


Question: What is changing?

Answer: Just our home site  Our product sites (VBS, MSIC, ComPay) aren’t changing just yet.


Question: But when you saying “changing”, what is actually changing?

Answer: A whole lot!

  • The look – we’ve removed clutter and made it look more simple and sleek.  We’ve added images and icons to illustrate our message.  And we’re featuring some of our customers’ quotes and logos.
  • The menu bar – it’s blue!  And we’ve shuffled the items around a bit.  And Products (formally known as Services) is over to the left now.  And Industry Solutions is there now, instead of Communities. 

 1-stop menu


  • The navigation – once you’re on a Product page, instead of a side menu bar on the page, we have links at the top and bottom to make information easier to find.

1-stop sub menu


Question: Will the VBS change too?

Answer: Not yet.  We will soon make our product sites look like the new homesite, but for now it’ll stay as is.  We’ll let you know way in advance when it’ll happen. 


Question: How do I log in?

Answer: Click on the big login button on the top right:

1-stop login button

Question: How do I use [product]?

Answer: Once you’ve logged in, just do what you did before: go to Launch > Product name


Question: Can I take a look at the new site before it goes live?

Answer: Yes!  Click here.


Question: How can I get help?

Answer: Go to our Contact page.  There you’ll find 3 ways to contact us, including chatting to us immediately online.

1-stop livechat


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