News — January 2, 2020

1-Stop Connections – Gateway, ComTrac and Train Consist

2019 has been a productive year for 1-Stop, as we continue our digital transformation journey. Our focus has been on cutting edge technology to improve our existing products through regular upgrades, security enhancements and streamlined support services.

To remain at the forefront in innovation that drives port communities and for us to continue giving you the very best products and services, we have revised our pricing for 1-Stop’s subscription products, Gateway, ComTrac and Train Consist.

Listed below are the new prices, which will be in effect from 1st January 2020:


Standard: $1,835

Silver: $2,695

Gold: $3,400

Premium: $5,225

Platinum: $5,860


Standard: $3,250

Premium: $6,500

Platinum: $9,000

Train Consist


Note: Pricing excludes GST.

* Please be advised that the new pricing will be applied at the time of renewal on the anniversary of your subscription.

We are excited by the tremendous possibilities that lie ahead in 2020. As ever, we thank you for your continued support and look forward to continue to bring you the world’s most advanced port community system.

If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to reach out to our Sales team at