News — October 18, 2018

1-Stop VBS: The Ultimate Capacity Management System

1-Stop VBS: The Ultimate Capacity Management System

Technology is developing at an unpreceded rate, for months the word blockchain was used claiming to revolutionize the industry. But what about the technology already available? Can it work better for you?

The answer is yes, technology is continually being optimized, for a new API’s, faster connections, and easier interfaces. In the supply chain and logistics industry, new technology is game-changing. A chance to get ahead of the competition, creating faster more streamlined services.

We believe the 1-Stop Vehicle Booking System (VBS) is that technology. Thinking about your current practices, can you:

a) Decide how many trucks enter your facility that day?

b) Know exactly when they will be arriving?

c) Know what container they will be retrieving

d) Have a direct way of communicating with the truck companies?

If the answer is ‘no’ to some or all the above, your terminal is missing out on key data that is needed for an efficient and world-class terminal.

The VBS was created to eliminate common issues shared among ports, being; lack of information flow, underutilization of equipment and inefficient practices. To address these issues, the VBS services two sections the trucking companies and the terminals, while the whole supply chain benefits from the efficiencies gained.

Terminals: The simple, and basic information creates three data entries being: identification of incoming truck, date and time of collection truck, and container being collected. This creates visibility to their gate management. Terminals now have the relevant information they need to plan.

While a traditional Terminal Operating System (TOS) provides the visibility of where a container is in the yard. The VBS provides that additional layer of visibility for when the container needs to be moved. Further functionality is provided through the notice board, where terminals have a direct way of communicating with the trucking companies, this can include any traffic delays, terminal maintenance and more.

The VBS is provided as Software as a Service, at 1-Stop we believe we are a solution- software provider. If a terminal would like to implement the bare minimum VBS, we can do this within a week, meeting business needs quickly and efficiently. We can also implement a customized VBS for the terminal needs.

Trucking companies: it’s a simple process, they make a booking and collect the container in that hour. A simple transaction of arriving at the gate when the terminal is expecting both the truck and to move that container.

Let’s take Manila as a case study 
In 2014, VBS known as Terminal Appointment Booking System (TABS) was deployed in Manila. Due to the congestion on the roads, the Manila government had implemented a truck ban between the hours of 5 am to 10 am and 3 pm to 9 pm. This essentially stopped the movement of goods during peak hours. The flow on effect hurt the economy more, trucks started charging congestion rates, and increased their current rates, sometimes by 50%.

An economist from ContiGroup warned in 2014 the economy could lose P6.2 billion to P320 Billion due to the truck ban.
Manila needed a solution, 1-Stop TABS provided just that. TABS provided visibility and control to the terminal; they allocated how many trucks could come in that hour and what hours they could come. This eased congestion on the roads as trucks now had a system to follow.

The terminal could now plan, matching resources to capacity and streamlining peak periods.
After the implementation of TABS, terminals in Manila experienced.

  • 20% increased utilization in the first 2 weeks
  • Removed the truck ban for trucks using TABS
  • Helped grow the economy; trucks could now deliver throughout the day. Local businesses we able to receive their goods quicker to meet the demand of the community and previous jobs lost were reinstated.

The VBS is a proven solution that gives control back to terminals. If you would like to know more, please contact Elliott Wood at: