News — December 9, 2019

1-Stop VBS at APMT Callao

1-Stop has been selected as the solutions provider for APM Terminals Callao (APMT Callao) as the terminal moves to further digitise their operations.

APMT Callao will be implementing the Vehicle Booking System (VBS) from the 1-Stop platform to drive an increase in coordination and efficiency along with helping to alleviate congestion across the greater port area of Lima.

7 major Truck Transport Operators have begun using the 1-Stop VBS at APMT Callao and we are excited for the rest of the community to jump on board in January 2019.

With APMT Callao rolling out the VBS, the terminal will be able to regulate the flow of trucks entering the terminal, allow for shorter wait times for the Truck Transport Operator and improve operational efficiency. This will increase asset utilisation for both the transport operator and terminal and reduce futile truck trips. In short, the VBS will facilitate a faster turnaround for the transporters and cargo owners to ensure goods arrive at its destination without delays.

The 1-Stop team has worked closely with the APMT Callao team to bring a specialised VBS to work for both the Spanish and English-speaking community, at the container and general cargos terminal.

We are excited that APMT Callao will be joining the 1-Stop portfolio along with 30 others facilities throughout Australia, New Zealand and The Philippines all using the 1-Stop VBS.