News — September 12, 2018

1-Stop upgrades system to align with AusCheck requirements

1-Stop utilises the government portal, AusCheck, as required by regulations to conduct background checking services on individuals applying for Maritime Security Identification Card (MSIC).

AusCheck will be upgrading their system to introduce enhanced capability on document identification verification and work rights check. As a result, 1-Stop is implementing changes to align with the new requirements of the AusCheck’s system upgrade.

The major changes are:

  • All major Australian proof of identification documents will be electronically verified by AusCheck’s use of Document Verification System (DVS).
    DVS is a government service that checks the validity of Australian documents to ensure that the background check will be done on the correct individual. For more information on DVS, please refer here.
    As such, additional document details will be required for Australian IDs. We have made this simple by providing visual samples of documents and details required in the application process, please see FAQ’s on MSICĀ 
  • Work rights checks for visas will be automatically verified.
    This was previously a manual process, where the applicant had to provide evidence from VEVO, which will no longer be required as AusCheck will automatically check VEVO.

Impact to MSIC applications

1-Stop MSIC applications will be closed from 2:00pm to 3:00pm on the 27th of September, as 1-Stop upgrades the system. We suggest that all applications be completed and lodged beforeĀ 26 of September to remain on the current renewal process.

AusCheck will not be accepting any applications from MSIC suppliers from the 28th of September to the 1st of October. For this reason users may experience a delay in card processing, we suggest renewing or lodging applications before the 26th of September.