OneStop Modal VBS for Container Depots Terms and Condition’s



  1. OneStop Modal Vehicle Booking System (OneStop VBS) is the booking system utilised within container depot operations. This also extends to any automated or electronic gate functionality

The provisions in this clause apply to your access and/or use of the OneStop Modal Vehicle Booking System:

OneStop owns and operates the OneStop Modal Vehicle Booking System for container depots via the Launch product function within the OneStop website. This system can be used to make a booking, notifying a container facility of the intention to deliver or pick up a container to or from the container facility (the OneStop Modal VBS).

When a transport carrier utilises the OneStop Modal VBS Booking Service, it is the transport carriers’ responsibility to ensure that the information submitted via the OneStop Modal VBS for your time slot booking is correct, accurate and reflects the true information of the transport carrier to utilise the OneStop Modal VBS.

OneStop is not liable for any claims of non-receipt of services or payment by a container facility, including any non-receipt of services, OneStop Modal VBS Booking or payment resulting from incorrect information supplied by you.

A confirmed container slot will be identified by the provision of a OneStop Modal VBS Booking number that will be provided within the OneStop VBS container list. By confirming the VBS Booking, transport carriers have agreed to observe and comply with the facilities VBS Booking, these OneStop website terms and conditions, the individual facilities carrier access arrangement, and any applicable Additional Terms that could be required.

In utilising the OneStop Modal VBS Booking Service, users agree and acknowledge that:

■  They must make all necessary facilities available for a scheduled delivery or pick up of a container and use their best endeavours to comply with the booking and/or system arrangements as advised by OneStop.

■  They acknowledge and agree that OneStop’s service to them as part of the OneStop Modal VBS ends and is completed when they have a confirmed booking number in their container list. OneStop is no longer required to be involved in any transaction related to this container.

■  They agree that any fees that may be charged by a container facility for their allocation of resources and servicing of the transport operator that was booked via the OneStop Modal VBS (for example a VBS Booking Fee) are determined, designed, set and/or imposed are entirely the container facilities discretion. OneStop does/has no influence, involvement, or interaction in any aspect of these fees.

■  They acknowledge and agree that OneStop is acting only as a collection and invoicing agent of any associated OneStop Modal VBS booking fees on behalf of the container facility and is not a party to any form of the transaction between you and the applicable container facility.

■  Any external contract or agreement between the container facility and the user in respect of any goods and services provided by either party is entirely between the container facility and the user. This contract also includes a users’ access arrangement for a container facility, and as per that facilities access arrangement, this may include the payment and/or collection of the OneStop Modal VBS booking fee.

■  Accordingly, they agree to pursue all queries, claims, and disputes against a container facility, including those relating to the VBS Booking Fee and/or refunds, directly with the applicable container facility, unless stated otherwise in these Terms of Use.

■  OneStop will only issue a refund of the VBS Booking Fee, if instructed by the applicable container facility or unless otherwise required to do so by law. All refunds of the VBS Booking Fee will be exclusive of any fees imposed by OneStop for use of the VBS Booking Service and any bank or transaction fees.

■  All requests for refunds of a VBS Booking Fee that are made within 30 calendar days of the date the applicable VBS Booking was made, should be directed to the OneStop Helpdesk. OneStop will direct that refund request to the applicable container facility for their consideration.

If the requested refund of the VBS Booking Fee is approved by the container facility and issued by OneStop on behalf of the container facility, the refund will be processed in the same manner as the original payment method for which the VBS Booking Fee was paid:

■  Payment by credit card: Refund will be made onto credit card account.

■  Payment other than by credit card: Refund will be made into customer bank account via EFT

■  If the refund of the VBS Booking Fee is requested after 30 calendar days from the date the applicable VBS Booking was made, you will need to contact the container facility directly to seek a refund.

■  All payment terms, including all fees, charges and taxes payable by you shall be paid in accordance with your applicable container facility’s carrier access arrangement and any applicable Additional Terms.

■  You agree that you will have no claim against OneStop in relation to any costs incurred by you in using the internet connection to provide you with Services under these Terms of Use.