News — July 31, 2019

1-Stop Modal Implementation at CargoLink Fisherman Island

Within months of being selected as the solution provider for Patrick CargoLink, 1-Stop Modal product has proved its capabilities improving efficiencies and operations in Brisbane, Fremantle, Melbourne and Sydney.

Modal’s successful implementation at CargoLink in Fremantle, Melbourne and Sydney resulted in:

  • enhanced functionality,
  • streamlined processes and information flow for shipping lines/transport carriers,
  • reduced manual paperwork,
  • reduced truck turnaround times,
  • and increased container output.

We have now begun improving overall performance at Fisherman Island with advancements in the Modal product offering further functionality in a more complex operating environment.

We have implemented the 5 core modules of Modal at Cargolink Fisherman Island: Bookings, Inventory Management, Reporting, Staging and EIDO’s.

What’s unique in this implementation of Modal is that the capability required for Fisherman Island is more complex than other empty parks. At CargoLink Brisbane, Modal successfully supports the handling of empty and full containers, as well as ‘under bond’ container movement and G.A.S containers from the terminal.

One of the key benefits of 1-Stop Modal is that the platform connects into Patrick’s Auto-Strads exchange and TOS. This ensures uninterrupted message exchange between the systems, crucial for efficiency at the park and seamless operations.

About 1-Stop Modal

Modal is a crucial component of 1-Stop’s product suite that continues to enhance 1-Stop’s fleet of innovative solutions to improve the intelligence of the Port Community and wider supply chain.

Modal has been developed with the latest technology allowing real time coordination, automation and connection with all customers in the supply chain. The system is also backwards compatible to allow existing customers to move from the traditional EDI to a real time communication over time, while being Blockchain enabled.

About 1-Stop’s flagship product, VBS:

Since 1-Stop introduced the Vehicle Booking System, port communities have benefited through:

  • Reduction in queue times: 2 to 4-hour queue times to mostly no queues at the terminals
  • Decreased TTT: Reduced Truck Turn Times, from 91 minutes to 37 (in some 15 minutes)
  • Decrease in dwell times: By 30% in the first 2 weeks of operation
  • Increased throughput: Terminals in South East Asia experienced a 20% increase in truck servicing
  • Increased utilisation: Trucking companies are experiencing up to 5 times more utilisation per truck
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