News — December 16, 2020

1-Stop ComPay: Product Disclosure Statement Update

1-Stop was excited to recently announce the launch of DirectPay, a new optional payment solution for the supply chain community. You can find further details about the DirectPay solution in the recent release on our website here.

In the lead up to the launch of this new solution in January 2021, we have updated our ComPay Product Disclosure Statement with specific updates of our Privacy Collection Statement, to provide clearer information on collection of personal information and our information management practices.

To ensure that all new and existing users are familiar with these updated policies and notices, we have also provided a new interface in ComPay to allow users to easily access, review and accept to these changes. Upon logging in, users will be presented with these updated policies and notes and be required to accept these changes before they’re able to use the system.

If you have any questions please contact our helpdesk at 1300 881 055 or

Head of Customer Service & Retail Products