1-Stop App

Real time, up-to the-minute port and freight information


Real time port and freight updates

Keep your cargo moving. The 1-Stop App puts up-to the-minute port and freight information into the hands of drivers. With an accurate view of vessel and container movements, port status and any delays or disruptions, the app is designed to improve turnaround times, cut costs and deliver a competitive advantage. The 1-Stop App enhances our 1-Stop Gateway, VBS and Container Control technology.


Beat the paperchase with online manifests

Drivers can simply log in to the App to view truck manifests for any of the terminals they are visiting. Real time changes to manifests ensure drivers can always be a step ahead with accurate information including:

  • Truck details, including type and registration.
  • Driver’s name and MSIC number.
  • Booking type (pick-up or drop-off) and number for each manifest.
  • Container number, weight, size and commodity

Avoid costly hiccups and delays with Notifications

The 1-Stop App consolidates notifications and updates from the range of sources on which your operations rely. Information from terminal operators, depots, customs, Roads and Maritime Services, port authorities and 1-Stop is delivered directly to drivers’ mobiles and updated in real time.

Reducing the impact of unexpected disruptions, making the job easier and delivering a competitive edge for your business, notifications include:

  • Vessel delays
  • Stop work meetings
  • Issues with technology or equipment
  • Regulatory information
  • OH&S updates

Zone status can keep drivers a step ahead

When terminal operators open time zones early, drivers can be notified directly through the app, flagging opportunities for pick-up or drop-off ahead of schedule. Early collection and delivery can provide downstream efficiency benefits and better customer service.


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