News — June 21, 2019

Security Card Rates – 1st July 2019

Over the past several months 1-Stop has made a substantial investment in your Security Card products, in meeting increasing regulatory compliance obligations, and meeting your individual and business needs.


We have, and are in the process of delivering the following changes;

  • Meeting updated security system compliance requirements from the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC),
  • Supporting new systems and processes for documentation verification requirements for AusCheck’s Background Checking Operations,
  • Introduced an updated card design with new security features to make our cards easier to verify, harder to replicate, and better at protecting a card holder’s identity.
  • Making improvements to our Application Lodgement, Identification Verification, Secure Collect and Postal Delivery Process with Australia Post and,
  • Enhancing our company portal to provide more visibility on Application Progress, Inductions and Validity.

To ensure we can continue to improve the quality of our Security Card products and services for the Australian port community and transport industry, effective from July 1st, 2019, price adjustments will be applied at the following rates:

Security Card Type

New Rates (AUD)*

Access Card only


MSIC only (2 years)


MSIC only (4 years)


Combined – MSIC & Access (2 years)


Combined – MSIC & Access (4 years)


     *Prices are exclusive of GST.

We are committed to providing the best value combined Maritime Security Identification and Access card available, and offering capabilities, services, and the results you’ve come to expect of 1-Stop.

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If you have any questions or concerns regarding these changes, please do not hesitate to reach out via email ( or phone (1300 881 055).